4:35 pm
Sat September 27, 2014

Struggling Offense + Tiring Defense = Loss For Purdue Football

Credit Kristin Malavenda/WBAA /

Purdue’s offense struggled from the start against Iowa. The Boilermakers pulled out to a 10-0 lead in the first half. But just three of those points came from the offense. The other 7 were the result of an interception in the first quarter by defensive back Frankie Williams, who ran the ball back 39 yards for a touchdown. Paul Griggs missed a 43-yard field goal in the first quarter, but made a 42-yard field goal in the second quarter to give Purdue a 10-0 lead with 11:48 to go in the half.

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1:07 pm
Fri September 26, 2014

Off The Field With Morgan Burke: September 26

Burke says Purdue may expand its sports offerings in a couple years if incremental revenue continues to grow. But he says he'll have to be careful what sports are picked.
Credit Purdue Athletics

On this week's program:

A follow-up on using Big Ten Network money on new facilities. What does Purdue still need?

Can that money be parlayed into having more varsity sports?

Discussion of how schools make arrangements to play one another in football and basketball and the implications of the money involved in (or surrounding) those deals (like the Purdue-Notre Dame football deal which will see the teams play one another less often).

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6:17 am
Tue September 23, 2014

Former Purdue Coach Dunn Honored By Indy Council

Dunn is still Purdue winningest women's basketball coach of all time.
Credit Courtesy Lin Dunn /

As she was being honored by the Indianapolis-Marion County Council Monday evening for a history of coaching and success leading the WNBA's Fever, former  Purdue women’s basketball head coach Lin Dunn couldn't help but mention the makeup of the body honoring her.

"I love seeing all these women in leadership roles," Dun said. "Keep it up. Next time I come back, I want it to be 50/50."

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3:21 pm
Sat September 20, 2014

Purdue Football Shows Confidence, Stops Southern Illinois 35-13

Southern Illinois Quarterback Mark Ianotti is sacked by Purdue's Ryan Watson (92) in the first half Saturday.
Credit Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

As sports moves ever into the world of analytics, studies show there's really no such thing as momentum in football.

Still, Purdue learned something about keeping the psychological game moving in their direction against Notre Dame and seemed determined to deploy that knowledge during a 35-13 win over Southern Illinois Saturday.

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5:08 pm
Fri September 12, 2014

Off The Field With Morgan Burke: September 12

Purdue's athletics director says Boilermaker athletes are coached to act better than some of their NFL counterparts when they're not on the gridiron.
Credit Purdue Athletics

Some questions in this week's conversation:

You’re on the record as saying it’s gotten harder in recent years to draw students to games. There are a lot of factors to which one might attribute that – what stands out most in your mind?

You mentioned on our last program that when the Big Ten Network money came rolling in a few years ago, you doubled down on improving facilities. What other amenities are you considering putting into sports facilities?

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