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The NCAA is now factoring host cities’ anti-discrimination policies into its decisions about where sporting events are held.

At its quarterly meeting this week, the Indianapolis-based college sports organization said it will now take into account whether a city can provide an environment free of discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The new metric affects the bidding process for mens’ and womens’ sporting events in all divisions as well as educational and leadership events and conferences.

On April 19, in a federal court room, lawyers representing former collegiate athletes took on the NCAA and the University of North Carolina in what could prove to be a landmark case.  At stake is "academic integrity," a term that both the NCAA and its member institutions like to trot out when athletes are under investigation for academic fraud. Except this time, it is the NCAA and its member institutions (most notably UNC) who are the accused. 

Universities And The Young Minds They Tend

Mar 30, 2016

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the National Football League, which currently generates more than $13 billion in revenue a year, is having trouble coming to terms with the connection between traumatic head injury and football.

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Imagine a prize fight where there are no jabs thrown, only haymakers -- and where no matter how staggered each combatant looks, there's a sense neither is out of the fight until the final signal sounds.

Oh, and imagine the referees seem unwilling to stop the contest very often to let each side tend to its wounds.

Such was the first half of the final regular season tilt between Purdue and Wisconsin Sunday.

The teams combined to shoot 60-percent in the opening 20 minutes. At the same time, just seven first-half fouls were calls (only two of those on Purdue).

Purdue University

Purdue Athletics Director Morgan Burke says he plans to retire in July 2017. Burke made the announcement Thursday during an annual alumni event in Naples, Florida.

A university news release says Burke told university leaders about his retirement timeline more than a year ago.

The search for a new director will be led by Michael Berghoff, Chairman of the Purdue Board of Trustees and former Purdue football player.