Purdue University Senate

Purdue faculty can learn more about a satisfaction survey nearly half of them took.

The COACHE survey is run by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and was conducted last fall to early this year. It shows areas where professors of all ranks are satisfied and dissatisfied with their work environment.

Purdue acting-President Tim Sands says the effort provides a baseline to measure improvement. He says some areas of concern among faculty already are being addressed, such as a lack of clarity in communication from top administrators.

Governor Mitch Daniels is weighing in on a push to get a faculty member on the Purdue Board of Trustees.

Members of the University Senate are considering a proposal that asks the current board to urge the governor to appoint a current, former, or emeritus professor to the panel.

Daniels says such an idea should not be ruled out.

"But, the faculty has an awful lot to say about the governance of any institution already. I don't think they lack for influence or a chance to have their views heard. It's a worthwhile idea."