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The Archivist of the United States, David S. Ferriero, will share the many information preservation challenges and opportunities faced by the nation in the Inaugural Hiler Theater Lecture. Ferriero, the 10th archivist of the United States, delivers “Preserving the Past to Inform the Future: The View from the National Archives.” WBAA’s John Clare spoke with Ferriero about the talk.

Open Access week at Purdue

Oct 25, 2013

Purdue is celebrating Open Access week. It is part of a global effort to openly share research and scholarship.

Columbia University professor Victoria Stodden spoke about scientific reproducibility at a forum Friday. She says there is a push for researchers to provide their data and code when publishing an article, which is something more journals and funding agencies are requiring.

Purdue building projects moving forward

Sep 12, 2013

Purdue is making the physical adjustments to accommodate an expansion of the College of Engineering. A committee of the board of trustees approved plans to renovate and reconfigure space in several buildings.

The projects totaling $70 million are still being finalized, but could include Hampton and Grissom halls, the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering buildings.

Trustee Gary Lehman says the expansion of that college is a high priority for the university.

Purdue’s undergraduate library is hosting a traveling exhibit that features how President Lincoln dealt with issues surrounding the Civil War. It examines how he used the Constitution to confront secession, slavery and wartime civil liberties.

Library Clerk Ann O’Donnell helped coordinate the exhibit. She says it’s getting a lot of attention since opening late last month.


A Purdue alumnus is giving materials from his 32 year NASA career to the university’s archives. Jerry Ross received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Purdue in the 1970s, and his time with the U.S. space program included a world-record seven shuttle launches. 

Tracy Grimm oversees the Barron Hilton Archives for Flight and Space Exploration at Purdue. She says the collections rely on donations from alumni who were involved with aviation at all levels.

Purdue University

Purdue’s request for a new academic building on campus is moving forward. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is recommending the proposed Active Learning Center to the State Budget Committee for its consideration.

Purdue acting-President Tim Sands says the building would focus on learning spaces that promote collaboration among students. It also would consolidate some of the 14 libraries on campus.

Open Access

Nov 21, 2012

WBAA's Mike Loizzo talks with Purdue Professor Darcy Bullock and Visiting Professor Ada Emmett about open access, the idea of providing scholarly research online to anyone and the free use of it.

Purdue awarded Bullock the 2012 faculty award for Leadership in Open Access for his work as director of the Joint Transportation Research Project. Emmett is spending the academic year with Purdue Libraries as special assistant to the dean for scholarly communication.

A Purdue graduate student is being recognized for promoting more access to scholarly research.

Mel Chua wants journal publishers to consider lifting restrictions on articles, so more users could benefit. She also is educating graduate students and professors about open access, so they can make their research available now.

Purdue Libraries Distinguished Lecture Series

Oct 11, 2012

An award-winning correspondent for The Economist magazine and book author who writes about trends that will shape the future of business and technology and how to get away from the world's addiction to fossil fuels will speak Oct. 18 as part of the Purdue Libraries Distinguished Lecture Series.

Journal costs going up for Purdue Libraries

Dec 27, 2011

Purdue is at an impasse with a scientific journal publisher over a long-term contract. The university will pay Elsevier  $2,366,057 for a 1 year extension.

Dean of Libraries Jim Mullins says it’s the best they could do as they work out a standard 5 year deal. He says negotiations began in June and have not gone well.

"We could not agree on the terms and we worked hard on it - working with the central business office and 3 or 4 of us in the libraries. We had about 4 or 5 different options, proposals given to us, and they just were not acceptable."