Kirby Risk

Annie Ropeik

In the coming months, Subaru needs to add hundreds of workers at its huge Lafayette plant. But it hasn't been easy for the car-maker or other manufacturers to hire people with the right skills.

So they're teaming up, with trainings starting in April, to create a new workforce from scratch.

Lafayette's Subaru of Indiana Automotive, or SIA, is the only Subaru factory outside Japan. Inside, 5,000 people are turning chunks of steel into cars.

The life of Kirby Risk is quite a story.  Angie Klink tells us much about this successful local businessman, husband, father, son, community leader who grew up and raised both his family and his business in Lafayette. And as we learn more about Kirby Risk, we learn too about Purdue and Lafayette as the town, the University, and the man both grew and flourished from the 1930’s into the 1970’s and beyond.

Interview with the author of "Kirby's Way"

Dec 12, 2012

WBAA's Kristin Malavenda interviews Lafayette native and author, Angie Klink, about her book "Kirby's Way: How Kirby and Caroline Risk Built Their Company on Kitchen-Table Values."