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6:30 am
Tue February 24, 2015

18 Months After Bowing Out, John Gregg Weighing Run For Governor

Gregg said in late 2013 he wouldn't run again, but he's leaving the door open to change his mind.
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After losing the 2012 governor’s race to Mike Pence by a closer-than-expected three percentage points, former House Speaker John Gregg may be ready to mount another such campaign next year.

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11:51 am
Wed October 23, 2013

Gregg decides against another campaign

Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg says he won’t run for governor of Indiana again. 

In a statement, the former Indiana House Speaker says he has not stopped working since his electoral loss to Mike Pence last November.  The Sandborn Democrat says he’s met with party leaders and elected officials and planned on being the Democratic nominee for governor in 2016. 

However, now despite what he calls “overwhelming support and encouragement to make another run,” he says he will not seek the nomination, opting instead to focus on his family.

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11:13 am
Fri October 26, 2012

3rd Indiana Gubernatorial Debate

Election & Politics
9:45 am
Fri October 26, 2012

IN gubernatorial candidates make last pitch during final debate

Republican Mike Pence engaged Democratic opponent John Gregg’s attacks more than in any previous debate during Thursday’s third and final meeting of the three gubernatorial hopefuls. 

Pence has largely avoided going after Gregg, only engaging with him on a few points in the first two debates.  But Thursday, Pence wasn’t shy about matching Gregg’s attacks with his own.  The two sparred most over the federal government’s auto industry loans.  Gregg struck first.

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10:46 am
Wed October 24, 2012

Mourdock takes heat for rape comment

GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock is trying to clarify comments he made during Tuesday’s second and final debate regarding abortion and rape. 

When asked his position on abortion rights, Mourdock said he only supports abortion in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.  He went on to say life is a gift from God.

“And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended to happen.”

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