John Cox

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A series of texts to the Purdue community Saturday warning people of a suspicious package, an armed robbery and a sexual assault raised many an eyebrow. But when only one of those situations was updated with follow-up texts, some questioned how Purdue’s warning system is designed.

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Cody Cousins, the man who pled guilty to murdering a Purdue student in January, is set to be sentenced in Tippecanoe County Court Friday.

Purdue officials have spent the time since the shooting beefing up the school’s security measures.

But some on campus say there’s more left to do before everyone knows how to respond to a similar situation in the future.

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

A section of the Purdue campus was cordoned off for about two hours Wednesday morning as police disposed of a suspicious package found near Stewart Center and the Purdue Union. Purdue Police Chief John Cox says an x-ray by a bomb disposal robot showed a number of suspicious materials inside the package’s wrapping.

"Some different pieces -- there was a flashlight in there, some batteries," Cox says. "There was a high-vis belt, some other things like that. It looked like pieces of equipment that had been wrapped up to look like a device."

Purdue students accused of grade tampering

Jun 14, 2013

Three current or former Purdue students are accused of changing their grades after hacking into professors’ computers.

Investigators say the scheme involved stealing keyboards, installing keylogger devices and using the acquired passwords to gain access to class records.

Purdue Police Chief John Cox says the investigation has resulted in arrests and formal charges because his department works well with the university’s internal audit group and ITaP security unit.

He says the alleged crimes took place from early 2010 to late last year.

Purdue Police Prepared to Respond to Shootings

Dec 8, 2011

Purdue’s Police Chief says the university is prepared to handle a situation similar to the shooting Thursday at Virginia Tech.

John Cox says the university has an action plan in place to respond to that type of incident.

He says Purdue’s policies were shaped out of response to a shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007.

Cox says Purdue is too large to shut down, but says there are several alert systems available to keep students safe including via email, texts, and sirens .