Indiana Packers Corporation

Hog Buyers See A Big Market For Small Pigs

Apr 13, 2016
Annie Ropeik/Indiana Public Broadcasting

Indiana has the fifth largest pig farming industry in the country, turning out 8.5 million hogs a year. But some are too small for the huge slaughterhouses that require pigs to be a certain size and condition for speedy processing.

Now, Indiana's industry to broker these smaller pigs is growing.

Nebraska-based Wiechman Pig Company opened a new facility in Delphi in late March. Inside, a big, friendly sow greets manager Jeff Petree. She's one of a couple dozen pigs he bought from Indiana farmers in his opening week.

IN Packers Corp. to open health clinic

Jul 17, 2012
Indiana Packers Corp.

Franciscan Saint Elizabeth Health and Unity Healthcare are partnering with a Delphi employer to open an on-site clinic. Indiana Packers Corporation has about 2,000 employees.

The company hopes to cut down on health care costs by offering the clinic to workers and their dependents, a number that approaches 4,300 people. It will focus on primary care services with preventive screenings and wellness education.