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Environmental and business groups are sounding the alarm on the need for comprehensive water policies in Indiana.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce recently released a report detailing the critical need for a state-driven water plan to identify resources and develop ways to deliver water to underserved areas.

Hoosier Environmental Council Executive Director Jesse Kharbanda says there are plenty of ways to help serve future water needs.

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American Cancer Society officials say Indiana lawmakers should explore ways to help incentivize Hoosiers to quit smoking.

Apart from health advocacy organizations like the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, groups such as the Indiana Chamber of Commerce are part of the fight to reduce smoking.

For two years, one of the group’s legislative priorities has been eliminating the Smoker’s Bill of Rights.

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The Indiana Department of Transportation is in the middle of a comprehensive two-year study to determine its future infrastructure funding needs. 

But Chamber of Commerce CEO Kevin Brinegar says there are some changes the legislature can make right away that will help move the state in the right direction.

He says that includes some sort of assessment on alternative-fuel vehicles, whose drivers don’t pay as much in fuel taxes as most people.

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Hoosiers could get the opportunity to buy alcohol every day of the week as the Indiana Chamber pushes the legislature to allow Sunday alcohol sales. 

Indiana Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar says though it’s not a top priority, promoting Sunday sales will be one of the efforts it pushes when the legislature convenes in January. 

House Speaker Brian Bosma says he personally doesn’t have a problem with legalizing Sunday sales, but says it likely won’t have a significant fiscal impact.

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Indiana will face serious challenges when it comes to water resources within the next 20 years if the state doesn’t begin correcting its issues now.  That’s according to the lead researcher in an Indiana Chamber of Commerce report released Friday.

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A new statewide survey finds that nearly 40% of Indiana employers have left jobs unfilled because they can‘t find qualified applicants.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce survey also shows that 72% of some 532 employers find filling jobs challenging, with 20% of them saying it‘s the biggest challenge they‘ve faced.

Vice President Derek Redelman says the survey, which is in its seventh year, blames the issue in part on lack of soft skills among applicants.

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The Indiana Chamber of Commerce says school counselors are being hampered by a number of factors from providing Hoosier students with the most complete college and career readiness opportunities. 

Chamber leaders say a survey of more than 400 school counselors across the state shows the problem isn’t with counselors – it’s with counseling.  Its survey of school counselors found that 90-percent say they spend less than half of their time on college and career readiness activities. 

Indiana Vision 2025 report card shows mixed results

May 24, 2013

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce is tracking 33 measurements of progress toward goals it laid out in last year‘s "Vision 2025" plan.

President Kevin Brinegar says the results are a "mixed bag," but says one negative statistic, the number of Hoosiers in poverty, stands out.

At nearly one in six, Indiana has fallen from the 12th-best poverty rate in the U-S in 2000 to the 16th-worst.

Brinegar says Indiana has sharply improved in the strength of its small businesses, and has the least restrictive regulatory environment in the nation according to George Mason University.

Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers says it will take a joint effort from students, the state and its colleges and universities to meets the needs of a changing workforce.  She made the comment during the inaugural State of Higher Education address.

Currently, less than a third of Hoosiers have completed education beyond high school.  Lubbers says it will be hard to improve that figure when people don’t see an adequate return on investment from higher education.

IN Chamber surveys show top election issues

Aug 2, 2012
Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Jobs and the economy are the biggest issues on the minds of Hoosier voters. That’s according to polling by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

President Kevin Brinegar says education in general and the cost of higher education also are top concerns. He made the comments at a luncheon Thursday in West Lafayette.

Brinegar says the Chamber’s survey shows a big difference between federal and state lawmakers too.