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Pharmacies To Start Disposing Of Unwanted Drugs

Sep 16, 2014
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In three weeks, Hoosiers will be able to return unused prescription drugs to pharmacies year-round, instead of waiting for periodic "drug takeback days."   

President Obama signed a law four years ago repealing Drug Enforcement Administration requirements that only police or DEA agents could receive and dispose of leftover medication. But it‘s taken the DEA until now to finalize rules to let drugstores handle it themselves.

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The state is developing treatment rules prompted by legislation that will significantly limit how much drug addiction treatment medication patients can take home. 

Federal law caps the amount of methadone patients can take home.  If someone’s been in treatment for at least six months, they can get three doses to take home per week.  After a year, they can get 14 days worth of the medication; after two years, 30 days. 

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The American Cancer Society says Indiana has improved significantly when it comes to pain management policies.  But a report from the Society’s Cancer Action Network says the state still has more to do.

There are only eight states that received less than a B from the Cancer Action Network in its report on pain management and patient care policies.  Indiana moved this year from a C-plus to a B. 

Network Associate Director David Woodmansee says that’s because of a new step taken by the State Medical Board.