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WBAA’s John Clare talks with Don Seybold, Inside Jazz host and co-founder of The Jazz Club in Lafayette. They’ll discuss the series, a new scholarship and preview a concert Sunday, April 10th.

Learn more about The Jazz Club here.


The next concert from the Tippecanoe Chamber Music Society is Sunday afternoon, April 3rd, and features selections by Johann Sebastian Bach. On the program, Back to Bach, is the Cantata No 196, ; the D minor Harpsichord Concerto; the G major Trio Sonata; and the E major Violin Sonata. Executive Director Margot Marlatt says it was fun to put the program together, and that it was an easy decision to feature an all Bach program.

  Although the US space program played a huge role in pop culture decades ago, the new century and new generations bring with it a push toward the future and a fading of the past. Abandon In Place, written and photographed by Roland Miller, depicts the forgotten landing sites left behind during the space era. With equally beautiful and haunting photos of rusted crafts and hangers from around the country, readers are brought back to the historical significance of NASA and its many launches into space. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has a review.

Hilary Scott

WBAA’s John Clare talks with Mark Morris, choreographer and founder of the Mark Morris Dance Group. They discuss baroque opera and the upcoming tour of Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.

John Clare

WBAA's John Clare recently spoke with Jay Gephart, Director of the Purdue Wind Ensemble, about their next performance at the Sounds of Spring International Music Festival, Tuesday, March 29th at 8pm at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Find out more about the Sounds of Spring concert here.

Exclusive! Watch the band rehearse at Elliott Hall of Music:

Book Review: Emporium

Mar 25, 2016

  Adam Johnson, Pulitzer Prize winning author, has re-released Emporium, his collection of short stories. While originally written years ago, Emporium contains futuristic and realistic scenarios that are still relevant today. Focusing on stuck middle-aged characters, Johnson weaves mesmerizing tales about desert adventures, flower beds, wolf encounters, and every lonely moment that falls in between. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has a review.

The fifth volume of the Complete Beethoven String Quartets from Quartetto di Cremona features the String Quartet No. 15, Opus 132 and the only original String Quintet, Opus 29 by the Bonn master. Lawrence Dutton, the violist of the Emerson String Quartet, joins the group for this new release.

WBAA Music Director John Clare had a chance to talk with the quartet’s violist Simone Gramaglia about the new cd, adding a guest to the mix, and how things have changed over a few years.

Johann Sebastian Bach is very highly regarded by musicians and music lovers alike.

  It is human nature to question why we exist, and if there is some other form of life in another universe. Science over the last 500 years has been pondering the possibilities of life, both on the micro scale and on other planets. Although some things have turned from science fiction into science fact, we still have hundreds, even thousands, of "what ifs" left unanswered. The Copernicus Complex delves into these inquiries with a discussion of past discoveries in the fields of biology and astronomy, and looks into the future with hypotheses and hopes for discoveries to come.


The aesthetic of a joke may change over time, but the concept of college humor is here to stay.

The jokes collected in this small, 1970s paperback preserve the history of humor as it stood at the two best universities in Indiana.

Making fun of both the Boilermakers and the Hoosiers, We're Number 1 contains all the fun, sometimes lengthy jokes that were exchanged all those years ago.