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Cooking Up Wellbeing to Combat Cranky May

May 19, 2016

Once upon a time, in the role of Guinevere, Vanessa Redgrave lolled around in a forest clearing clad in a gold gown, her red hair gleaming in the sun.  These were the earliest days of Camelot.  “It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May,” she sang.  And there it was—quintessential, foxy, cheerful, sunny May.   By definition this month is supposed to be blue-skied and blossoming.  It’s no time to be grumpy.  But look out the window—chilly, windy, wet, gray weather!  The cross country teams running this afternoon along the Crawfordsville High School track sport hoodies.  I even see a winter

WBAA's John Clare recently spoke with Nick Palmer, Music Director of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra,  about the next performance, Cosmic Voyage, Saturday, May 21st at 7:30pm at the Long Center in Lafayette.

Learn more about Cosmic Voyage here.

Here's a video from the guest artists, Windsync:


The next concert from the Lafayette Chamber Singers is Sunday afternoon, May 15th, and features selections inspired by Shakespeare. On the program is music by Amy Beach, Michael Tippett, as well as selections by Thomas Arne, Erich Korngold, and Jaakko Mantyjarvi. Artistic Director Clayton Lein says not only it was a challenge but it was exciting to assemble the program, including music for ensemble and soloists. WBAA’s John Clare spoke to Lein about “Under the Greenwood Tree” in the WBAA studios.

  Life always has its challenges we must deal with. But when the challenge is a degenerative disease like early-onset Alzheimer's, it can make even the most simple things difficult. The Day We Met is such a story about a woman who finally puts all the pieces of happiness together, just to realize she has been diagnosed with the terrible disease. The novel is a collection of her journal entries, and the entries of her loving husband and oldest daughter.

The Resurrection Of The Purdue Student Band

May 12, 2016

  You hear it all the time: “Purdue University doesn’t have a music school.” “Purdue is just for engineers,” or, more recently, it’s “STEM or bust.”

There’s just no time for Purdue students to start bands, let alone good ones.


José Serebrier is a globe trotting composer and conductor making music and recordings with the top orchestras, and in recent years, received 37 Grammy nominations for his work. Serebrier worked with legendary conductors Leopold Stokowski and George Szell and led music festivals in Massachusetts, and Florida, commissioning many composers, including Elliot Carter's String Quartet No.

The Power Of Art In Growing Communities

May 5, 2016

On a street just off Frankfort’s main square, tucked between a bakery and an empty storefront, sits Frankfort’s only art gallery, Studio 6. On any given Friday or Saturday night, long after the other stores on the square have closed, citizens of Frankfort can still see artists and patrons gathered in the warmly-lit gallery interior. Inside, local art covers the walls and artists sit in armchairs and talk to the gallery’s owner, Wendi Hall, brainstorming ideas for local art events and new projects. 



WBAA's John Clare recently spoke with Deb Stevenson, oboist with the Metropolis Quartet, about their next performance, Saturday, May 7th at 7:30 pm at the Delphi Opera House. They discussed the program, chamber music, and Deb's amazing connection to Purdue University!

Learn more about the concert here.

John Clare

WBAA’s John Clare talks with Jim Bodenmiller and Katie Nielsen, volunteers with the Round The Fountain Art Fair in Lafayette. They talk about the 43 years of art, the permanent collection, and what's new this year.


Learn more about Round The Fountain Art Fair 2016 here.

John Clare

WBAA's John Clare recently spoke with Dr. Mo Trout, Director of Jazz Bands, about the next Purdue Jazz Band performance, Sunday, May 1st at 2:30 pm at Slayter Center for the Performing Arts. Special guests include Chameleon!


Find out more about the concert here.