WBAA Voices from the Past

Nov 17, 2011

Here are some tributes to WBAA on its 35th anniversary in 1957. We'll hear from Purdue administrators:

  • R. B. Stewart, Vice President and Treasurer
  • Donald R. Mallett, Executive Dean
  • Lytle J. Freehafer, Business Manager
  • Tim Johnston, Director of Information
  • H. J. Reed, Dean, School of Agriculture
  • Beulah B. Gillaspie, Dean, School of Home Economics
  • Frederick L. Hovde, President
  • George A. Hawkins, Dean, Schools of Engineering
  • W. L. Ayers, Dean, Schools of Science, Education and Humanities

And also from Alumni of WBAA:

  • Del Greenwood
  • Wayne Rothgeb
  • Dick Shively
  • Bill Stewart
  • Becky Ann Pervine Stewart
  • Lou Wood
  • Justin Meacher
  • Jim Wilson
  • Harold J. "Smitty" Smith
  • John Peterson
  • Larry Bocam
  • Bill Fall
  • Bob Blome