Taxpayer refund, unlawful police entry legislation catches governor's eye

Mar 4, 2012

Governor Mitch Daniels says he’s spoken with legislative leaders in the last few days on what he’d like them to focus on getting done in the final days of the 2012 legislative session. 

One of the bills remaining before the General Assembly is legislation allowing people to, with force, resist unlawful police entry into their homes.  Governor Daniels says he wants to wait until he sees a final version of the bill before deciding whether to support it.

“Balancing the privacy rights of citizens with the safety of law enforcement officers is not an easy thing.  I know an incredible amount of work has gone in to getting the nuances of that right.”

Lawmakers will also hammer out final details of legislation making changes to Indiana’s automatic taxpayer refund.  The House and Senate each have slightly different versions, though Daniels says he strongly supports what they have in common.

“For simplicity purposes and also to help lower income taxpayers, I thought and I’d always proposed a per capita distribution of any refund.”

A per capita distribution gives an equal amount to each taxpayer, regardless of income level.  And Daniels says he prefers the House’s changes, which prioritize refunding money to taxpayers over paying down teacher pensions.