Some Indiana Doctors Want Pence To Veto Abortion Bill

Mar 23, 2016

Credit Alex E. Proimos /

Gov. Mike Pence says he’s still considering whether to sign a bill that bars women from having abortions solely because of a fetus’ potential disability.  Doctors have been reaching out to Pence, urging him to veto the measure.

Pro-life groups say the legislation prevents discrimination against Hoosiers with disabilities.  Some doctors, including members of the Catholic Medical Guilds of Indiana, say women will be spared from taking a life. 

But other doctors say the bill has dangerous implications.  Valparaiso family physician Mark McMurtrey says it takes away decisions best left to a woman and her doctor.

“So we can sentence her to seven months of anguish during the pregnancy,” McMurtrey says. “We’re exposing her to health risks to herself through that pregnancy.”

Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds represents the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Indiana.  She says the bill creates a “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation for patients.

“That potential for a patient feeling compelled to not disclose certain information to their doctors to kind of protect themselves,” Edmonds says.

The deadline for the governor’s decision on the bill is Thursday.