New city council districts set for West Lafayette

Dec 13, 2012

West Lafayette city council districts have been updated in advance of a state deadline. Officials had until December 31st to vote on new boundary maps.

At a special meeting Thursday night, councilors approved a proposal that was spearheaded by representative Eddie VanBogaert (D-Dist. 1).

Mayor John Dennis says the new map does a good job of meeting the guidelines for redistricting.

"The districts are divided in such a way so that the councilors have a better opportunity to serve their constituents. And it's a long serving tradition. Councilors and all elected officials have served for one reason, and that's to serve the community. And I think the districting that's been decided tonight enhances that opportunity."

The proposal passed by a vote of six to one. Councilor Vicki Burch (R-Dist. 4) says she is not in favor of this particular district outline.

"I feel very disappointed that the council did not go with one of the two proposals submitted by the Area Plan Commission, which is non-partisan. This proposal that the council voted on is partisan. It's wrong."

The plan is similar to the current layout, with five districts and two at-large council seats. You can see the new map HERE.

It goes into effect for the 2015 election cycle.