Legislature Preparing To Do Some Non-RFRA Work Next Week

Apr 3, 2015

Work at the capitol was dominated by one topic this week. Both lawmakers and the public are hoping for more diversity next week.
Credit Jim Nix / https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimnix/5039079018

After a week consumed by a fix to Indiana‘s religious-objections law, legislators get back to other business next week.

Thursday is the deadline for the House and Senate to bring bills to the floor. Senate Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley will unveil the Senate version of the budget that day, and the Senate is also expected to move a common construction wage repeal forward.

There may also be action on bills which have already reached the floor, but stalled there while leaders focused on finding a solution to the RFRA issue.

Votes are possible next week on Governor Pence‘s energy efficiency plan and a proposal to remodel IUPUI‘s Carroll Stadium for the Indy Eleven soccer team.

However, legislators won‘t return to work till Tuesday. They canceled their normal Monday session to avoid hotel-space conflicts with Monday night‘s NCAA championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium.