Indy Getting Early Praise as SB XLVI Host

Feb 2, 2012

The co-chairman of the Indianapolis Super Bowl Media Relations Committee says he is pleased with how the city has handled the event so far, but says there is still work to be done.

Bill Benner says there is a special ‘buzz’ around the area which started late last week.

He says that kind of excitement leading up to Sunday’s game already gives Indianapolis an edge over last year’s Super Bowl host, Dallas.  Benner believes Indy has done a better job than Dallas in engaging fans with events prior to the game.

He expects the crowds to grow much larger over the weekend and says that is another test the city must pass.

Benner believes Indianapolis can host another Super Bowl, but because of the financial obligation, it’s probably only feasible every ten years.

The Giants and Patriots will play in the title game at Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday night.