Indiana Employment Rate Better In February, Still Trails National Average

Mar 27, 2015

Indiana's rate is 5.9-percent, the national average is 5.5-percent.
Credit Jenna Purcella /

After four months without a decrease in unemployment, Indiana’s rate fell below 6-percent in February. 

Indiana’s unemployment rate rose to 6-percent in January, the first time it hit that mark in nearly a year. 

But it only lasted a month, falling back to 5.9-percent in February.  The state’s private sector also created 1,700 jobs last month. 

The slight dip in the unemployment rate is due in part to Hoosiers leaving the labor force in February, meaning fewer people looking for work. 

But Indiana Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Steve Braun notes the percentage of Hoosiers who either have a job or are looking for one has been higher than the national average for nearly a year. 

Yet a recent report from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis says that, in that same timeframe, Hoosier personal income only went up two and a half percent.  Only five states saw a lower increase.