Delphi Launches Fundraiser In Effort To Make Historic Trails Safer

Jul 6, 2017

Proposed safety measures include information kiosks, trail markers and cameras.
Credit Wabash & Erie Canal Park / Facebook

Four months after two girls were murdered walking along one of Delphi’s trails, there’s a push to make the area safer.

The Wabash and Erie Canal Association wants to add trail markers, information kiosks, and more lighting to the 10-mile system.

Association President Dan McCain says cameras would also be installed at the start of the trails.

“Because, often times, someone with a vehicle could have an identifying license number or the cameras would pick up the people that were leaving to go on a walk,” he says.

McCain hopes the measures will restore a sense of security following the deaths of Abby Williams and Libby German.

“We had special places we loved along the trails. So did Abby and Libby – they loved that area out there where the High Bridge is,” he says. “What we want to do is to try to make people feel more comfortable and being able to access spots that are very unique, and very historic, and very beautiful.”

The association is part of a group effort to fundraise as much as $100,000 to pay for the new features.

McCain says if they can raise $50,000, a state grant will cover the other half. As of Thursday afternoon, about $10,000 dollars had been collected.