Building Funds: How Charter Schools Benefit From The Newest Budget

Jun 1, 2015

A vacant space at 3695 Commercial Drive that Mariama Carson is considering for her proposed charter school, set to open in 2016.
Credit Rachel Morello / StateImpact Indiana

Lawmakers spent a good deal of time this year reworking the way schools are funded – not just public schools, but charter schools too. These alternative institutions saw a pretty big swing in their favor in the new biennial budget, as they now have access to additional money they can use to pay for things like buildings, technology, and transportation- something they didn’t have access to before.

Some say the funds could serve as a pretty big incentive to not only to draw more charter schools into Indiana, but to keep the schools that are already here – and their traditional counterparts – performing at a high level. StateImpact Indiana’s Rachel Morello paid a visit to one would-be charter school to find out how it could be impacted by this new development.

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