Vigo County

Three Die In Heroin-Suspected Overdoses In Vigo County

Apr 20, 2017
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Police suspect three Vigo County deaths could be the result of laced heroin. Authorities now say officers need to carry more of the overdose intervention drug naloxone.

Police say four people in Vigo County overdosed just this week and three of the overdoses were fatal. Officers started carrying one dose of naloxone in February of this year. Now some are carrying up to three doses. 

Sgt. Stephen Lockard with the Vigo County Drug Task Force says even that may not be enough. 

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Who will be the next president of the United States?

Just ask the voters of Vigo County.

They have correctly voted for the winning presidential candidate in 29 out of the last 31 elections.

Even though the area typically leans Democrat, a Republican mayor and prosecutor have just been elected to their third terms in office.

Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett has this explanation: