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6:55 am
Wed February 25, 2015

Senate Passes Abortion Bill

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The Senate Tuesday passed a bill banning doctors from performing abortions if the procedures are requested for the sole reason of the fetus’ gender or disability.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle shared stories of personal experiences where a family member was diagnosed in the womb with a disability.  Markle Republican Senator Travis Holdman says his son chose not abort his grandson despite an early ultrasound that showed a potential complication. 

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9:01 pm
Wed February 20, 2013

IN Senate committee approves abortion measures

Proposed legislation that passed a Senate committee Wednesday places stricter regulation on the dispensing of the abortion-inducing drug known as RU-486 and the clinics that provide it. Those clinics would be required to have the same facilities as a surgical abortion center, including access to anesthesia, surgical equipment and specific door and room sizes.  Any physicians or facilities that do not typically dispense RU-486 would be exempt.

Senator Vaneta Becker (R-Evansville) says the bill will make it harder for women to safely access abortion-inducing drugs.

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4:22 pm
Fri January 20, 2012

Right to Work legislation making headway in the General Assembly

An amendment by House Democrats to place Right to Work on a statewide referendum has been redrafted and filed, but Democrats remained off the floor Friday.

An initial referendum amendment was thought by legislative attorneys to be unconstitutional.  Democrats then vacated the floor all this week to redraft it.

Friday morning Minority Leader Pat Bauer said he wanted assurances from the Republicans that they believe the new amendment passes constitutional muster.  But Speaker Brian Bosma will only promise to hear, debate and vote on the amendment.

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