Valero Renewables

The Greater Lafayette community is being asked to raise $4.75 million during the United Way’s annual fundraising campaign this year.

Chairman Bill Olds says that goal was set based on feedback from business leaders and requests made by United Way agencies.

“Obviously, things don’t get cheaper, and they’re serving more and more people today. The agencies’ needs are not diminishing, at all.”

Valero plant close to reopening

Aug 30, 2012

Production at a bio-fuel plant in Linden remains suspended, but the facility is expected to reopen soon.

Valero Renewables is bracing to restart ethanol operations within the next few weeks.

But, company spokesperson Bill Day says exactly when is unknown.

He says when production resumes, it likely won’t be at full capacity.

Currently, 60 employees work at the Linden site.  None of them lost their jobs or pay due to the shutdown.

Day says even though production was halted, the workers did facility maintenance projects and underwent training.

Valero Renewables suspends production

Jun 27, 2012

Corn prices are forcing a bio-fuel company to halt production at its plant in Linden.

Valero Renewables is temporarily suspending work.

Spokesperson Bill Day says it’s due to market conditions.

He says the price of corn is rising and ethanol prices are going down which is hurting the company's profit margins.

The 65-full time employees will continue to get paid and work at the plant during the shutdown, just not producing ethanol.

Day says he does not expect the suspension to last long and believes operations will return to normal soon.