Todd Rokita

A Democrat has announced plans to run in the 4th Congressional District.

Tara Nelson was the party’s nominee in 2012. She knew that she’d run again, but says recent events pushed up the announcement.

“With the government shutdown and our congressman making the national news regarding putting down a CNN newswoman anchor, and regarding his comments with affordable healthcare being the most insidious law man has ever made – I really feel that our district deserves better representation.”

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN4) says he does not know the specifics on why some overseas, diplomatic locations have been closed down.

"I look forward to uncovering those details, in a classified manner, if I have to," he says. "Just so that I'm satisfied, as a representative of 700,000 Americans, what the real situation is."

Mike Loizzo / WBAA Radio

Lafayette area members of the group Moms Demand Action are pushing for a bill to expand the background check program for gun purchases.

Julia Chester says the measure would include purchases at gun shows and internet sales under the current system.

“It’s just a background check. It’s the same bill that was put forth by the Senate, but did not pass earlier this year. We’d like to know what the opposition is to this, because there really is no good reason.”

The United States must rein in its spending. That’s the assessment of Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN4).

He voted against the bill designed to address the fiscal cliff issue, citing the nation’s growing debt as the real problem.

Rokita says the proposals discussed over the past few weeks were good tax reform measures.

“Fixing the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax), handling the estate tax, so our farmers and others have certainty in planning, and it saved about 98% of tax-filers from a tax increase, so those are good things. As tax reforms they were good.”

IN congressmen fiscal cliff vote

Jan 2, 2013

Members of Indiana’s congressional delegation voted mostly along party lines on the fiscal cliff deal.

Democrats Joe Donnelly and André Carson supported it, but fellow Democrat Pete Visclosky voted against it. The state’s Republicans cast “no” votes, except Dan Burton, who did not vote.

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN4) says he opposed the bill because it does not address spending cuts.

“We have a spending problem, and the deal sent over by the Senate makes it worse.  I will not consign our children to a debtors’ prison just to block President Obama’s tax hikes.

Fourth District Congressman Todd Rokita thinks a deal will get done to prevent the country from going off the so-called fiscal cliff.

He expects lawmakers to agree to terms by the December 31st deadline.

The Republican believes his party has presented an approach that reflects compromise.

“We've offered revenues if the President wanted revenues in cutting out deductions and loopholes and credits that we thought are unfair, in exchange for keeping tax rates low for all of us,” he said.

Congressman Todd Rokita on fiscal cliff

Nov 9, 2012
U.S. House of Representatives

Congressman Todd Rokita says he’s ready to work with members of both parties on balancing the federal budget and reducing the national debt.

The 4th District Republican, who was reelected Tuesday with 62% of the vote, says he is willing to compromise, but only if it solves the country’s problems.

Rokita says if revenue must be raised, he wants to eliminate tax credits, deductions and loopholes. He also says that should be coupled with a decrease in spending.

Chris Sigurdson / WBAA Radio

The candidates in the 4th Congressional District tried to distinguish themselves during the only broadcast forum of the campaign.

Republican incumbent Todd Rokita, Democrat Tara Nelson, and Libertarian Benjamin Gehlhausen answered question about keeping college affordable, trade with China and reducing the deficit among other topics.

Rokita & Nelson differ on extent of tax reforms

Jul 31, 2012

A vote in Congress on a two-tier tax rate could come in the next few months.

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN4) says he’d like to see it happen before the election in November.

It calls for one tax rate in the mid-twenties for the upper income bracket and another in the teens for the lower bracket, but the income level cut-off has not been determined. Rokita says that would be the same for businesses and individuals.

Congress on your Corner in Monticello & Frankfort

Jul 27, 2012

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN4) is holding constituent events Saturday in White and Clinton counties.

He says he will use the forums to talk about tax reform and the need continue the so-called Bush Era tax cuts for everyone. Those are set to expire at the end of this year.