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House Republicans Monday rejected Democrats’ attempts to make changes to the state budget bill. 

Ritz Wants State To Pay For Textbooks

Oct 2, 2014
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The state’s top education official wants to give parents a financial break.

Indiana is one of eight states that charges families a fee for textbooks.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz has requested the state pick up the cost.

She has included the request in her proposed budget for the Indiana Department of Education.

Ritz said it is a way to make sure all school districts have the same resources for textbooks.

At the beginning of each school year, families in Indiana’s public schools are hit with bills that include activity fees, class fees and the largest line item- textbook fees. Textbook rental fees cost parents on average about $100 per child.

Frustrating to most parents is the knowledge that Indiana is one of only eight states that charge for textbooks.

That is why state superintendent Glenda Ritz announced earlier this month that she wants to eliminate this financial burden for families.

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At least one West Lafayette textbook retailer says he’s not happy with Wednesday’s announcement of an agreement between Purdue University and Amazon.com.

Tom Frey runs University Bookstore, which sits across the street from the Purdue Memorial Union, but isn’t the school’s official textbook retailer. In the spring, Amazon will open a physical storefront in the Union.

Frey says it’s the latest salvo in an ongoing battle between the internet company and the National Association of College Stores, of which he’s a member.