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Fellow Democrats and LGBT leaders are heaping praise on South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg as he became Tuesday what’s believed to be Indiana’s first openly-gay mayor.

In an essay published in the South Bend Tribune, Buttigieg, who’s been mayor since 2012, announced he is gay, saying that while he’s “instinctively private” about such things, he realized being more open about it, in his words, “could do some good.” 

South Bend Mayor Returns After Service In Afghanistan

Oct 8, 2014
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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is back to work after a deployment to Afghanistan.

Buttigieg served six months with the Afghan Threat Finance Cell, which is a counter-terrorism unit specializing in the link with narcotics funding and the insurgency.

Buttigieg says he took a week off before resuming his duties as Mayor.

He says the transition is a big one, since he served as a junior officer trying to take care of his commander and worrying about "very different things than I worry about here."

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A smoking ban has been rejected by South Bend‘s Common Council.

The bill would have gone a step further than the state‘s ban by prohibiting smoking in bars and private clubs. The vote was 5 to 4.