Ron Bacon

House Approves Vaping Regulations Bill

Apr 6, 2017

The House overwhelmingly approved a bill to regulate Indiana’s vaping industry, aiming to undo a monopoly created by existing law.

Indiana’s existing e-liquid law forced dozens of manufacturers to either leave the state or shut down, leaving only seven sanctioned companies.

A federal court ruling earlier this year struck down the bulk of existing regulations.


Indiana House lawmakers passed a bill Monday requiring doctors to inform women their drug-induced abortions could be reversed – and also to say there’s no scientific study to support that claim.

The vote for the measure, authored by Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Boonville), came over bipartisan opposition.

New Law Requires High School Students To Learn CPR

Aug 27, 2014

Freshmen and sophomores in Indiana high schools will now be required to learn CPR.

A new state law requires CPR training as part of required health classes. Danielle Patterson with the American Heart Association says 300-thousand high school students a year will be trained.

She says not having to wait for paramedics to arrive can be the difference between life and death.