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Even if Governor Pence signs the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, an Indianapolis employment lawyer says that doesn’t preclude employers in the state from taking action against employees who might try to invoke the new law.

John Haskin runs his own employment law practice and says even though the “at will” provision of state law says non-contract employees can be fired for any reason, using RFRA as a reason not to provide a service would give an employer plenty of cause to terminate a worker.

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The House Monday approved a bill that supporters call a shield protecting people of faith.  The Religious Freedom Restoration Act creates a judicial test for Indiana courts that ensures a government can only restrict religious practices if it has a compelling reason and does so in the least restrictive way. 

Supporters, such as Rep. Tom Washburne (R-Inglefield), say the bill helps ensure Hoosiers live in harmony with each other.

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Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry has added himself to the list of people who do not support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA.

Curry says he opposes the bill because it lacks modifications that would prevent someone from using it as defense in a criminal prosecution.

In a letter sent to Indiana media outlets he says that such cases have not been uncommon in other jurisdictions with similar legislation.

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House Republicans rejected several attempts by Democrats on Thursday to change the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The measure says a government cannot encroach on a Hoosier’s religious beliefs unless it has a compelling interest to do so.

One of the most common fears about the measure is that it will sanction discrimination, particularly against the LGBT community. Some worry the controversial measure will allow, for instance, caterers to refuse to work a fundraiser for an abortion clinic, or photographers to refuse to participate in a same sex wedding.