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With the broad strokes of West Lafayette and Purdue University’s State Street Project settled, residents Thursday night delved into the nitty-gritty details of the Plenary Roads plan for the project.

Each of the approximately one-dozen speakers at a public hearing was largely complimentary of the plan.

However, one of the few areas of disagreement was the plan’s suggestion to convert many one-way roads into two-way streets.

Purdue Fire Chief Kevin Ply, though, calls the measure a win for public safety.

Purdue AD Morgan Burke Plans To Retire Next Year

Feb 11, 2016
Purdue University

Purdue Athletics Director Morgan Burke says he plans to retire in July 2017. Burke made the announcement Thursday during an annual alumni event in Naples, Florida.

A university news release says Burke told university leaders about his retirement timeline more than a year ago.

The search for a new director will be led by Michael Berghoff, Chairman of the Purdue Board of Trustees and former Purdue football player.

Public To Have Its Say In State Street Plan

Feb 4, 2016
The State Street Project / http://statestreetwl.com/

Now that West Lafayette has completed the bidding process on its 120-million State Street Redevelopment Project, the city, along with project partner Purdue University is ready, in the Joint Board’s words, to convert State Road 26 from “a state highway into a main street.”

An information meeting Thursday evening kicked off State Street’s next phase: educating city residents about the project and eliciting their input. More formal public hearings are to follow. 

Pilot Logo Chosen For Lafayette Aviators Baseball Team

Dec 18, 2015
MKE Sports & Entertainment/Prospect League

When the inaugural season of Lafayette’s Prospect League baseball franchise takes off June 1, players and fans will be sporting the graphic image of an aviator.

Team owner Mike Zimmerman says fans propelled the pilot to the top during a week-long social media campaign that also included images of an airplane and an aircraft engine.

The logo unveiling on Thursday followed last week’s announcement that fans voted to name the team the Aviators, a nod to Purdue University’s role in aviation history, as well as modern-day aircraft equipment manufacturers Alcoa and GE Aviation.

Purdue University

In addition to prepping for finals and wrapping up the fall semester, the first two weeks of December have been a whirlwind for the faculty, students and administrators whose diversity projects will be funded through Purdue University’s Diversity Transformation Award, or DTA, program.

Brandon Smith / IPBS

Indiana began the countdown to its 200th birthday Friday with the unveiling of the Bicentennial Torch, which will be used for a relay next year that will travel more than 23 hundred miles to all 92 counties.

Purdue Funds Nine Diversity Initiatives Created By Faculty

Dec 2, 2015
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Nine faculty projects aimed at recruiting and retaining underrepresented minority students will be funded through Purdue’s $1 million Diversity Transformation Award program. 

At least two of the initiatives are focused on attracting students from underrepresented groups to enroll in graduate studies.

Assistant Dean for Agricultural Research and Graduate Education Shawn Donkin is spearheading a plan to build relationships between Purdue and four historically black colleges and universities.

Thomas Keon To Lead New Purdue University Northwest

Nov 20, 2015
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Thomas Keon will become Chancellor of the new Purdue University Northwest system when it comes into existence next year.                                                                           


Effective July 1, Keon will lead the unified campuses of Purdue University Calumet and Purdue University North Central. 

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Purdue police have erased the search for a missing 12-foot pencil from their to-do list and are crediting the media’s sharp focus for the sculpture’s return.

The 200-pound pencil sculpture was reported missing earlier this week from its pedestal in Pickett Park.

The Purdue University Police Department reports the pencil, undamaged despite its ordeal, was found discarded in the grass next to the Slayter Center for the Performing Arts on the university’s north side Thursday morning.

Giant Purdue Pencil Still At Large

Nov 18, 2015
Purdue Arboretum / http://mlp.arboretum.purdue.edu/

In a crime that’s one part Maltese Falcon and one part School House Rock, Purdue University authorities are looking for a 12-foot pencil reported missing earlier this week.

The sculpture had only been at its new home in Purdue’s Pickett Park for a few months before it was pencil-napped by vandals. Purdue Police say since the pencil was in a somewhat secluded area, there isn’t any video evidence of the heist.