Old Stoney

City of Frankfort

Frankfort’s Mayor is on the mend this week after an accident in his home a few days ago. On this episode of WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we get Chris McBarnes’ take on what happened.

Also: Does the mayor agree with his police chief’s assessment that the city’s police station is stuck in the 1970s? The county has levied a new tax to try to fix that – a tax the fiscal conservative mayor says he’s in favor of.

City of Frankfort

As he’s been running for re-election this year, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes has tried to position himself as the man at the middle of multiple changes in Frankfort.

Voters will decide next week whether they like the change they’ve seen or whether they want to make another change – at the top of city government.

On this week’s Ask The Mayor, we probe a few of those changes as the 2015 municipal elections loom.

City of Frankfort

It’s fair to say Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes was a little taken aback this week when an auditor declared his city was on the course to a structural budget deficit in the next few years.

Now that the mayor has had a couple days to digest those findings, we ask him whether there’s really a problem with the computations or whether, if he wins a second term, he might have to make some hard choices.

Jimmy Emerson / https://www.flickr.com/photos/auvet/14984748055

The Frankfort City Council has rejected an ordinance that would have paid for detailed drawings of potential renovations in Old Stoney, the city hall building.

The request for additional funding for the architectural drawings was pushed by the Frankfort Board of Works and Mayor Chris McBarnes, who says he and the board have been “aggressive” in their approach to the restoration of Old Stoney.