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Indiana’s unemployment rate declined for the eighth consecutive month in October, hitting a 14-year low in the Hoosier State. 

The Indiana unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent last month, the lowest level since August of 2001. 

The state’s private sector added jobs for the seventh time out of nine months in 2015 – though October’s additions were modest, merely 100 jobs. 

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Indiana manufacturers are increasingly concerned about the state of the economy.

The 2015 Indiana Manufacturing Survey finds many Indiana manufacturers believe the post-recession recovery is over.

Almost two-thirds also say the U.S. isn't likely to ever lead the world on the manufacturing front ever again.

Almost nine-in-ten feel the federal government isn't doing enough to support the manufacturing sector and one in four think neither the federal or state government are helping.

Rolls-Royce To Spend $600M Updating Indy Plant

Oct 5, 2015
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Rolls-Royce North America has announced a new $600 million investment project in Indiana.

President and CEO Marion Blakey says the aerospace industry leader will spend years modernizing its manufacturing operations on Indianapolis’ southwest side.

“I think it’s going to be over the next four or five years to get it done,” Blakey says. “It takes a while to rebuild, especially because you’ve got to keep the production lines going and continue to make engines all while this is going on.”

City of Frankfort

Though the effect on the Greater Lafayette area has gotten more press, the closure of I-65 north has touched Frankfort as well.

This week on Ask the Mayor, we find out from Chris McBarnes what it’s meant to businesses and to commuters that his interstate exit is getting less traffic and that the prescribed detour leads people in the other direction when they turn onto State Road 28.

We also chat about drugs in Frankfort. What can a recent bust of four alleged drug dealers tell us about how much of a problem the city faces?

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In a speech that was touted as one which would show Purdue as a leader in the country’s new manufacturing economy, the President of the National Association of Manufacturers Tuesday focused instead on blasting the Obama Administration.

In a speech kicking off a nationwide tour, Jay Timmons spent a single paragraph on technology such as "3-D printing, nanoscale chemistry" and new medicines, but spent several minutes explaining why he feels the White House is working at cross-purposes with business interests.

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Officials from General Electric joined a bevy of elected leaders Monday to break ground on a $100 million plant that will eventually produce jet engines.

The GE Aviation facility is slated to open by 2016 and could start hiring workers as soon as next year.

Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski insists because it located in his city, GE won’t face the same dearth of qualified workers many companies are grappling with.

Jobs Grow In June And So Does State Unemployment Rate

Jul 18, 2014
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Indiana added more private sector jobs -- 10,000 of them -- last month than any other June on record.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development spokesman Joe Frank says every major industry sector experienced growth.

Frank says manufacturing – the sector the state is most known for – has been one of the key drivers of the job growth.

"Our growth in the manufacturing sector since July 2009 -- the low point of employment in the state -- we've grown 77,800 manufacturing jobs," Frank says. "That's the second-largest increase in the nation."

Indiana University researchers say a renaissance is underway in the state’s manufacturing sector.  However, the 2013 Indiana Manufacturing Industry Survey released Wednesday also shows potential storm clouds on the horizon.

Indiana University professor Steven Jones says growth in Indiana’s manufacturing industry is led by a surge in smart manufacturing – which combines things such as new technologies with reductions in energy needs.  He says it gives local manufacturers an advantage over companies overseas.

Voestalpine Rotec expanding

Feb 12, 2013

A Lafayette manufacturer is expanding with a new product line. Voestalpine Rotec is installing $1.4 million in new equipment, so it can make air bag propellant tubes.

President Andrew Ball says the demand comes from the world’s leading supplier of automotive safety restraint systems. He says the company is an existing customer.

Ball says hiring for the ten new positions will begin soon. The two new production lines are expected to be operating in June.

Chromcraft Revington closing Delphi location

Jan 14, 2013

Chromcraft Revington is closing its distribution center in Delphi. The move impacts 16 employees, who have been offered other jobs with the company.

The work in Delphi will be moved to the furniture manufacturer’s Mississippi operations. A statement from the company says various options are being considered for the equipment and facility in Delphi.

Mayor Randy Strasser says he’s disappointed by the decision, but wishes the company success. He says he will focus on assisting the employees who are not relocating.

The statement from the company is below: