Law and Criminal Justice

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The Indiana Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges says the state needs to put more money into providing public defenders for juveniles. 

Indiana Criminal Rule 25 mandates that juveniles in the court system must be provided a lawyer – often a public defender – in certain circumstances. 

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A Tippecanoe County judge has sentenced Cody Cousins, the man convicted of killing fellow Purdue student Andrew Boldt in January, to 65 years in jail.

Friday's hearing lasted close to four hours and featured pointed testimony from both of Boldt's parents, both of whom glared at Cousins during their statements.

Boldt's mother Mary asked Cousins to tell her why he killed her son, but she couldn't have liked the answer when it came later in the hearing.

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The State Court of Appeals upheld the Indiana‘s largest ever defamation award, overturning a second appeal by State Farm Insurance.

State Farm has already paid a judgment to roofing contractor Joseph Radcliffe. Courts had previously ruled that State Farm had made statements that damaged Radcliffe‘s reputation, upholding a Hamilton County jury award of $14.5 million, which grew to almost $17 million with interest by the time the Indiana Supreme Court upheld the ruling.