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The Lafayette Police Department is hoping new initiatives to increase visibility and effectiveness in the community will help crack down on an increase in drug-related crime.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says the amount of drug-related crime has increased along with the statewide surge in heroin and methamphetamine use. As the police pointed out Thursday, hardly anyone robs a convenience store or commits fraud against their friends family in order to buy a family dinner.

John Meyers Pedestrian Bridge
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The City of Lafayette has been struggling to reopen the John T. Myers pedestrian bridge for the last two months, but has been thwarted by uncooperative weather, structural issues and delivery problems.

Now, it can add sub-par workmanship to that list. Sloppily-made railings for the bridge arrived two weeks ago, and it was immediately apparent they couldn’t be installed until they were repaired, pushing the opening date to mid-October at the earliest.

The season’s major juried arts event, the Round the Fountain Art Fair takes place on the grounds of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse on Saturday, May 24th.

Lafayette parking enforcement officially moved in-house

Jan 16, 2014

The city of Lafayette has officially moved its parking enforcement services in-house.

Two full-time employees will issue tickets and operate the city’s parking garage.

The staff will also serve as Downtown Ambassadors to answer questions or address concerns from residents and visitors.

Officials say a GPS-based digital system will make the process more efficient, and moving away from using a third party vendor will be more cost-effective.

The city is also making changes to the fee structure for on-street parking violations.

Lafayette has new Parks Department superintendent

Dec 9, 2013

The city of Lafayette has named a new superintendent for its Parks Department.

Claudine Laufman is taking over the position, effective immediately.

She has been with the city for more than two decades, most recently as the director of the Columbian Park Zoo.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says Laufman will be charged with implementing ideas from the Parks Department’s recently completed five year master plan.

Roswarski says the Parks Department will also have a new Operations Manager.

Local medical device company expanding

Oct 25, 2013

A leading developer of regenerative medicine products is expanding in Lafayette.

ACell Incorporated is headquartered in Maryland, but opened its site in Duncan Park on Sagamore Parkway in 2006.

Initially housed in a 2,500 square-foot facility, the company currently occupies 28,000 square feet. An additional 14,000 square feet of new space will be constructed by late 2014.

ACell president Rodney Bosley says the new facility is needed to help the company continue to grow. It's being paid for by the developer of Duncan Park, INOK Investments.

Former vacant lot in Lafayette now a park

Jun 5, 2013

A new park in Lafayette provides access to the North 9th Street trail and loop which connects to the Wabash Heritage Corridor.

Officials celebrated the opening of Trailhead Park this morning.

The property was once a vacant lot.

Funding from the city’s Redevelopment Commission made the transformation possible.

The park contains picnic tables, a drinking fountain, an information kiosk and bike racks, along with a five acre native prairie with native trees and flowers.

Lafayette residents tapped for State roles

Dec 27, 2012

Governor Mitch Daniels is picking a pair of Lafayette residents to sit on a state commission and board.

Mark Wolfschlag will be part of the State Board of Health Facility Administrators.  His term ends July 1st, 2015.

The board establishes criteria and issues licenses for becoming a health facility administrator.

Wolfschlag is the president and owner of Mulberry Health and Retirement Community in Mulberry.

Patrick Richard will serve on the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission.

Greater Lafayette is looking to further establish a relationship with China.

Leaders from Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County met with a group from the Shandong Province, Thursday.

The goal was to share culture and discuss business opportunities.

Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski calls the community’s relationship with China the best in the state.

Evonik slashes 45 jobs at Lafayette Lab

Dec 12, 2012

A Lafayette facility is losing 45 of its roughly 600 employees.

Evonick is cutting its workforce at its Tippecanoe Laboratories site.

The specialty chemical manufacturer is changing its business model and officials say the reductions are needed to increase flexibility and stay competitive in the market.

The Laboratory produces active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The employees losing their jobs will receive a severance package and Evonik is vowing to provide outplacement services.

Company officials says the reduction is not based on performance.

Fourth District Congressman Todd Rokita thinks a deal will get done to prevent the country from going off the so-called fiscal cliff.

He expects lawmakers to agree to terms by the December 31st deadline.

The Republican believes his party has presented an approach that reflects compromise.

“We've offered revenues if the President wanted revenues in cutting out deductions and loopholes and credits that we thought are unfair, in exchange for keeping tax rates low for all of us,” he said.

Ivy Tech prepares for disasters

Nov 27, 2012

More than 80 Ivy Tech students are preparing for a disaster situation.

Those in the nursing program participated in a mock factory acid-spill, Tuesday.

Ivy Tech is designated as an alternative care site in case of an emergency.

This is the first time the students have done a mock event on campus.  They usually go to off-campus sites.

Ivy Tech is designated as an alternative care location in case of a disaster.

Lafayette is hoping to save more than $30,000 a year by refinancing a series of bonds.

The Redevelopment Commission agreed to adjust three; one for a downtown parking garage and two for the development of Renaissance Place.

The savings is realized primarily through a reduction in interest rates.

The city is now paying between five and six-percent on the bonds.  By refinancing and consolidating, the interest drops to about two-percent.

Over the terms of the bonds, the city will save about $400,00, according to Development Director Dennis Carson.

WL EDC approves Metronet bonds

Oct 23, 2012

A process to bring a fiber optic network to homes and businesses in West Lafayette is taking another step forward.

The city’s Economic Development Commission signed off on $2.5-million in bonds for Metronet to install the infrastructure.

Chairman Bill Baitinger believes this type of project will help attract more business to the community.

The city council and redevelopment commission still must approve the bond issuance, which is expected before the end of the year.

Flannelly is Lafayette's new police chief

Oct 18, 2012

An 18-year veteran is taking over as Lafayette's police chief.

Lieutenant Pat Flannelly will replace Don Roush, who is retiring at the end of the month to take a new position at Purdue.

Flannelly will work with the outgoing chief over the next week-and-a-half to transition into his new role.