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Even though the number of hepatitis C cases in Tippecanoe County has doubled since 2013, location concerns keep blocking implementation of a syringe exchange program that could help stem the spread of disease.

That was the message from a Wednesday night meeting in Lafayette on the county’s battle against addiction and its ancillary health issues.

Indiana State Department of Health Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Joan Duwve  says hepatitis C is much easier to transmit than HIV, which is another concern that follows opioid epidemics.

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Most adults will get one to three colds every year, and medical personnel say there are some things to keep in mind before heading to the drug store for treatment.

Most over-the-counter medications can relieve the symptoms of a cold, but not always without risk.

Joan Duwve, chief medical consultant with the Indiana State Department of Health, says it's important to always take medication as needed and directed, and only try to treat the symptoms you have.

Governor Insists Indiana Is Prepared To Handle Ebola

Oct 10, 2014

Health officials say Indiana is prepared for the possibility of a case of Ebola virus.

Indiana State Department of Health chief medical consultant Joan Duwve says for the most part preparedness for Ebola is the same as for any other disease -- the only difference is that the stakes are higher.

Duwve notes you might get away with a slip in protocol in treating a flu patient, but Ebola is so deadly that there‘s no margin for error.

A new task force aimed at curbing prescription drug abuse will compile recommendations for the state legislature to act on next session.

Indiana created the Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force with a membership made up of legislators, law enforcement and health officials, pharmaceutical representatives, state and local agencies and educators.  State department of health chief medical officer Joan Duwve, who co-chairs the task force, calls prescription drug abuse an epidemic in the state.