Dyslexia: Finally Finding Time In The Spotlight

Jun 6, 2018

Grant Hartley is a fourth grader. He loves playing with Legos after school and says his favorite subject is gym.

Grant likes school, but he struggles sometimes – he has dyslexia.

For some people with dyslexia, reading typed words on a page is just as frustrating as trying to read a bowl of alphabet soup.

“It’s kind of hard like you got to figure out like which one would make the best sense in a sentence,” he says.

The state awarded a three-year, $43.4 million contract to a nonprofit assessment and research company Monday to design the replacement of the ISTEP exam.

The Indiana Department of Education announced the Washington, D.C.-based company was chosen among proposals from five vendors.

The company will create the new I-LEARN exam for students in grades three through eight and a new version of the third-grade reading test called I-Read.

The new tests will be given during the 2018-2019 school year.