Indiana University

More than half a dozen university presidents have penned open letters opposing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA.

“I had been watching the law develop and its repercussions over a couple days and I felt personally very strong about it," says DePauw University President Brian Casey. Like most, Casey's letter is personal – addressed as much from the administrator as from the university.

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Purdue University's Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center is set to open in the next couple of months.

Students have been asking the administration for such a facility for several years.

Interim director Victoria Loong hopes the center will support Asian-American and Asian students and provide opportunities for education and awareness for the entire campus community.

The facility is actually a large room in Stewart Center— only big enough for a few desks and a small seating area.

But interim director Victoria Loong says it’s a start.

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Indiana University senior Kathryn Johnson figured out last year that she wanted to be a nurse. Her dad was hospitalized and she was fascinated by what she learned from the nurses.

"The more I talked to them and how they radiate positivity even when everything seemed so dark and dire and serious I really appreciated how professional they could be and how uplifting they could be," Johnson says.

It’s obvious Johnson has the positivity she admired in other nurses. But get her talking about her student loans and that optimism vanishes.

More Funding Needed For 21st Century Scholars Program

Feb 2, 2015
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A scholarship program that helps thousands of Hoosiers attend college each year needs a big boost in funding to meet growing demand.

By some estimates, the 21st Century Scholars Program needs an influx of about $90 million to help those who are in financial need.

Legislators are supportive of the program, but must decide where they’ll get the extra money to pay for larger classes of scholars over the next two years.

Program Makes College Affordable For Struggling Families

Indiana 23rd Among States In Volunteerism

Dec 17, 2014

An Indiana-based expert says volunteers contribute $173-billion dollars of service every year.

Dr. Sara Konrath is an assistant professor at the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University.

She says the Corporation for National and Community Service‘s latest report that ranks Indiana 23rd among states when it comes to volunteerism.

Konrath says volunteers often help keep not-for-profit organizations in business.

She says anyone can volunteer and the best volunteers make those who tap into their personal passion and values.

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Leaders from Indiana’s public universities made their biennial trip to the State Budget Committee on Wednesday in advance of a new state budget that legislators will debate early next year.

A big part of the universities’ presentations is proving to the committee how much work they’ve put into improving their institutions.

Graduating students on time is a major focus of the legislature, so one of Purdue president and former governor Mitch Daniels’ budget requests is more money to help increase the number of students taking summer classes.

Indiana’s school principals changed the way they evaluate their teachers two years ago – and it’s been no secret that not everyone likes the modified evaluation system.

But a new study shows teachers tend to be a bit more skeptical about the system than the administrators in their buildings.

Teachers are now evaluated annually, and much of the process is left up to each individual school district.

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In the wake of campus shootings at Purdue and Florida State Universities this year, Indiana University Tuesday held an exercise for the first time, designed to simulate an active shooter on campus.

Parts of campus were blocked off, a building was shut down and two police departments responded to a drill meant to prepare the campus in case of an armed individual.

About 150 people were involved in the drill including university police, Bloomington police and fire departments, and IU emergency management.

Purdue University

Purdue’s two-year-old tuition freeze appears to be lowering the amount of debt Boilermakers are assuming.

In the 2010-2011 school year, students on the West Lafayette campus had amassed about $223 million in debt. Through the first month of this school year, that number is about $40 million smaller – an average decrease of about $1000 per student.

IU Researcher Working To Preserve Endangered Language

Sep 15, 2014
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An Indiana University researcher has begun a two-year effort to preserve a language spoken by just a few thousand people in a mountainous region of Mexico.

The Ayook or Mixe language contributed the word "cacao" to English, but has remained distinct from the other languages which arose in and around south central Mexico‘s Sierra Madre de Oaxaca mountains.

Linguistic anthropologist Dan Suslak is working on an Ayook dictionary, but his research doesn‘t stop with the language itself.