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Governor Mike Pence announced Thursday that 2015 is a record-breaking year for economic development. 

Pence says 323 companies, up from 285 in 2014, pledged to create new jobs over the next few years.

“Those 323 companies are committing to create 26,555 new Hoosier jobs" he says, "and it represents more than 4.79 billion dollars of investment in the state of Indiana.”

That’s the highest number of companies committed to expansion in the state since the creation of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation in 2005.

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Indiana’s unemployment rate held steady for the third consecutive month in November, still its lowest level in 14 years. 

The Hoosier State’s private sector added 3,400 jobs last month, helping keep the unemployment rate at 4.4 percent.  It’s been at that level since August, the lowest since the summer of 2001. 

Indiana’s unemployment rate is also lowest among its neighboring states and has been lower than the national average for seven consecutive months. 

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Indiana’s unemployment rate declined for the eighth consecutive month in October, hitting a 14-year low in the Hoosier State. 

The Indiana unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent last month, the lowest level since August of 2001. 

The state’s private sector added jobs for the seventh time out of nine months in 2015 – though October’s additions were modest, merely 100 jobs. 

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Indiana’s unemployment rate decreased for the seventh consecutive month in September, falling to its lowest level in eight years.  

The Hoosier State’s private sector rebounded from August job losses to add 6,600 jobs last month.  And the unemployment rate dropped to 4.5 percent, the lowest level since July 2007. 

The number of Hoosiers working or actively looking for work has increased more than any other Midwest state over the last two years, though the rate of the Indiana population’s participation in the labor force is middle of the pack among the state’s neighbors. 

Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Subaru of Indiana Automotive announced today the Lafayette plant will be increasing its workforce and production by nearly a third -- and adding 1,200 new jobs -- as part of its plan to increase its production output.

SIA is investing $140 million dollars to up production by nearly 100,000 thousand vehicles a year.  SIA currently produces about 300,000 cars each year.

The expansion will take place over the next two years, and most of the jobs will be on the production line.

SIA Vice President Tom Easterday expects the new hires will come from within Indiana:

Amazon Planning To Add 2,100 More Indiana Jobs

Jul 15, 2015
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The online retailer Amazon is looking to hire more than 2,000 Hoosiers for full-time jobs in its warehouses. Amazon spokeswoman Nina Lindsey says the company will host job fairs across the state to find candidates.

"We’re looking for candidates that are 18 year of age or older, have a high school degree or equivalent, and for many of these job fairs that we’re hosting throughout the area, they just need to bring a proof of education and a form of identification," Lindsey says.