Greg Zoeller

A request to investigate the Planned Parenthood of Indiana clinic in Lafayette likely will result in legislative action.

Indiana Right to Life asked Attorney General Greg Zoeller to look into whether the Lafayette facility was illegally performing abortions.

The clinic performs medication or chemical abortions, but not surgical procedures.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana will continue to receive federal Medicaid dollars after the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the group’s favor Tuesday.  Still, an Indiana pro-life group wants the fight to go on.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana brought suit against the state after the General Assembly passed legislation in 2011 halting Medicaid funding to abortion providers and Governor Mitch Daniels signed it into law.

A federal district judge last year temporarily halted the effects of the law and Tuesday the Seventh Circuit upheld that ruling.

Hope card to help victims with protective orders

Aug 15, 2012

A new statewide program will help law enforcement quickly identify and take action against those who violate a protective order.

The Hope Card program provides domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking victims with a wallet-sized card featuring vital information about their abuser.

It also includes the case number of the protective order so police can look it up in a newly created database.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller says this prevents the problem of victims having to carry around a multi-page court order.

The Indiana attorney general is providing more money for victims of the State Fair stage collapse.

In December, the state gave $5 million to state fair victims under its tort claims cap.  Last legislative session, the General Assembly allocated an additional $6 million for victim relief.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller officially launched his reelection campaign at the Statehouse Friday.

Greg Zoeller was first elected as the state Attorney General in 2008.  Zoeller previously worked as the chief deputy to his predecessor, Attorney General Steve Carter, making him the first AG elected after having previously served in the office.

Money from mortgage lenders acquired in a settlement will be used to help low income Hoosiers pay their utility bills. The revenue stream is a result of the state's investigation of five banks  accused of foreclosure abuse.

During this past session, the General Assembly put more than $28 million of the settlement pool into a fund dedicated to the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Attorney General Greg Zoeller says this plan makes the best out of an unfortunate situation.

Food Finders Marching Against Hunger

Mar 1, 2012

A local non-profit is teaming up with similar organizations across the state to help combat hunger.

Food Finder Food Banks is one of eleven Indiana food banks participating in the March Against Hunger effort.

This is the initiative’s fourth year and Food Finders Director Katy Bunder says the need continues to grow.

Nearly 97,000 people suffer from food insecurity in Food Finders’ coverage area.

Emily Bryant is the Executive Director of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, or FISH.  She says children are particularly affected by food insecurity.

Union challenges Right to Work law

Feb 27, 2012

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 has filed a lawsuit challenging Indiana’s Right-to-Work law.

The suit contains ten separate claims that the measure passed by state lawmakers earlier this month violates both the U.S. and Indiana constitutions.

But state attorney general Greg Zoeller says while he respects the union’s right to disagree with the new law, he believes it will stand up in court.

Right to Work is scheduled to take effect March 14th.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller is calling on the General Assembly to get a human trafficking bill passed in time for the Super Bowl, February 5. 

A bill closing gaps in Indiana’s human trafficking laws has been on a fast track through the Assembly.  The Senate passed it unanimously, but it’s been held up by unrest in the House.  Now, with Super Bowl festivities arriving in Indianapolis, Zoeller is urging the legislature to act quickly.