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Private schools are experiencing a surge in enrollment, in large part due to the state’s expanding voucher program. 

When the program first passed in 2011, supporters said funding private school tuition would give poor kids in failing schools options to get a better education.

But as StateImpact’s Indiana’s Claire McInerny explains, a new report shows that as the program enters its fifth year, the costs to taxpayers and students have dramatically changed. 

Energy Efficiency Bill Awaits Gov's Signature

Apr 8, 2015
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An energy efficiency plan requested by Governor Pence is on its way to his desk.

The Senate has given final approval to a bill requiring electric utilities to submit conservation plans to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission every three years.

Senate Utilities Chairman Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) says by going through the IURC instead of an outside agency, the plan will be cheaper than the Energize Indiana plan implemented by former Governor Mitch Daniels – a program that was repealed by the legislature last year.

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For the second time in a week, a legislative committee has taken a step toward removing State Superintendent Glenda Ritz as chair of the State Board of Education.

The Senate Rules Committee voted 7-4 along political party lines for the bill late Monday which its sponsor, Sen. Travis Holdman (R-Markle) said would help end the friction between the only Democrat holding elective statewide office and a board made up of appointees from Republican governors.

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At the heart of the dispute between Indiana and computer giant IBM is whether the technology firm’s failures in the contract to modernize the state’s welfare system were enough to justify Indiana terminating the whole contract…and getting damages afterward. 

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The ongoing legal battle between the state and computer giant IBM will have its day in front of the Indiana Supreme Court Thursday. 

The state hired IBM in 2006 to modernize its welfare system, signing a ten-year contract worth $1.3 billion. 

But the shift from human case workers to greater automation was beset by reported problems, and three years later Governor Mitch Daniels canceled the contract. 

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Some questions asked of the mayor this week:

You recently got back an assessment from a company in South Carolina assessing how ready the county is for economic development. Tell me your initial impressions of what the report says.

After already breaking the state’s record for job commitments in 2012, nine more companies have pledged to create more than 2,500 jobs over the new few years in locations around Indiana.

A recent New York Times report, cited by Indiana Economic Development Corporation CEO Dan Hasler during Tuesday’s announcement, showed Indiana offering the lowest economic and tax incentives to incoming businesses compared to neighboring states.  Hasler says Indiana wants to focus more on improving its overall business climate.

Gov. Daniels announces taxpayer refund amounts

Nov 21, 2012

Approximately 335,000 Hoosiers who would have owed the state taxes next year, should be getting money back instead. The reason is the automatic taxpayer refund.

Governor Mitch Daniels announced the amounts of the tax credit amounts Wednesday morning. Those are $111 for single tax filers and $222 for those filing a joint return.

Daniels says that means a 13% tax cut for the typical, single filer.

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The transition from Governor Mitch Daniels to Governor-elect Mike Pence is underway as Pence has begun to assemble his transition team.

Daniels says his administration is eager to help make the transition a smooth one, allowing the new one to hit the ground running.  Pence began the process by naming his long-time congressional chief of staff Bill Smith head of the transition team.

Pence praised the Daniels team and says his transition will be committed to continuity.

Official portrait of Gov. Daniels unveiled

Oct 16, 2012
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As Governor Mitch Daniels viewed his official portrait Tuesday, he told those gathered he hopes the accomplishments of his administration will far outlast Hoosiers’ memory of him.

The portrait shows Daniels standing in his office, without a suit coat, leaning against a chair and holding a pen in his hand.

Lafayette native Richard Halstead, one of 43 applicants, was commissioned by the Indiana State Museum to paint it.  Halstead says Daniels had only one request – that the painting not be artificial or unnatural.

Through the first quarter of the fiscal year, state revenues remain well ahead of the most recent forecast.  And Governor Mitch Daniels says Indiana could be headed for another surplus.

The state collected $23 million more than anticipated last month, nearly 2% ahead of projections.  And through September, total revenue collected this fiscal year has increased more than 5%.  The last fiscal year ended with a surplus in excess of $700 million, triggering the state’s automatic taxpayer refund.

Daniels says the state is ahead of where it needs to be for another big year.

The Honorable Rudolph "Rudy" Pyle, a circuit court judge, will replace outgoing Judge Carr Darden.  Governor Mitch Daniels appointed the former deputy prosecutor to the circuit court in 2009.  Daniels says it’s the first time in state history a former state trooper has sat on either the state Appeals or Supreme Court.

Pyle says being a former state trooper gives him an additional perspective on the bench.

Governor Mitch Daniels says Hoosiers could see next year’s tax bills reduced by more than $100 per taxpayer.

Indiana collected $159 million more in revenue in April than expected. 

Total revenue collections last month represent an increase of more than 25% versus the same month a year ago.

Governor Daniels says a major reason for that dramatic increase is greater efficiency within the Department of Revenue.  The department processed significantly more tax returns last month than it ever had before, which led in part to the higher-than-expected revenue.

Daniels says, as a result, May’s figures might be a little lower than forecast, but he’s pleased.

Intoxicated minors will be free to seek medical attention for others who have drunk too much without fear of being charged for underage drinking under a new law signed by Governor Mitch Daniels Friday. 

The Indiana Lifeline Law provides immunity from charges of public intoxication and possession, consumption and transportation of alcohol by minors if those people are discovered to have been drinking only after medical attention is sought for someone who’s had too much to drink.