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Legislation making the state schools superintendent an appointed position is in limbo as the House weighs its options.

Gov. Eric Holcomb will soon find out which three candidates he’ll choose from to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Robert Rucker.

Indiana’s Judicial Nominating Commission is made up of the Chief Justice, three members chosen by the governor and three lawyers elected by other lawyers. When a judicial vacancy comes up on the state’s Supreme Court, the commission winnows a field of candidates down to three for the governor to pick from.

A new report from the Animal Welfare Institute says Indiana lags in enforcing humane slaughter rules at small, state-inspected meat plants – that it issues citations, but never stops production.

The Indiana Board of Animal Health took issue with that logic, saying its inspectors are doing their jobs.


Colleges and universities across the country are tackling a big issue: Whether to officially adopt certain policies intended to protect people who entered the U.S. illegally.

In Indiana, that conversation could soon end.

Under a bill moving through the Indiana Legislature, lawmakers would outlaw so-called sanctuary campuses. They’re colleges that pledge they will not share anyone’s immigration status with federal authorities.

Courtesy Indiana Senate Republicans

WBAA's guest on The Wake-Up Call is Republican State Senator Brandt Hershman, of Buck Creek, Tippecanoe County.

We've invited him to discuss his proposal for Hoosiers to vote next year, and choose whether to change the Indiana Constitution and permanently require future state legislators to adopt a balanced budget. 

House Sends Telemedicine Expansion Bill To Governor

Apr 11, 2017

House lawmakers voted to send a bill to the governor that expands Indiana’s telemedicine services, though some legislators are still uncomfortable with that expansion.

The telemedicine bill expands those remote care services to Indiana’s Medicaid patients. And it lifts a ban on prescribing certain controlled substances via telemedicine, such as Ritalin and Adderall.

Indiana Restaurant Owner Deported

Apr 10, 2017
Tyler Lake/Indiana Public Broadcasting

It’s unclear when an Indiana restaurant owner who was deported to Mexico last week might be allowed to re-enter the United States.

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Barbara Brosher reports Roberto Beristain’s case is pending in the federal court system.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say officers turned Roberto Beristain over to Mexican authorities who then took him to Juarez last week.

Attorney Adam Ansari is working as an advocate for the Beristain family.

Purdue University researchers are releasing new findings about how Indiana counties regulate big livestock farms, in hopes of determining what rules work best to help farmers get along with their neighbors.

Paul Ebner’s team at Purdue has spent years mapping out the wide range of zoning rules counties use to regulate confined animal feeding operations – known as CFOs – and their bigger, more concentrated counterparts, called CAFOs.


Ricker’s would be able to permanently keep its cold beer carryout permits at two locations under an amendment approved by the House.

Ricker’s recently used a legal loophole to secure restaurant alcohol permits at two convenience stores. That prompted outcry from liquor stores, which previously – along with restaurants – had sole ownership of cold beer sales.


Republicans rejected several attempts by Democrats Wednesday to increase pre-k funding as they voted down proposed amendments to the budget.