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Hoosiers who owe back taxes have only a few days left to take advantage of Indiana’s 2015 tax amnesty program.  The program, which began in mid-September, ends Monday and the state is on track to collect its target amount.

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Legislators convene next Tuesday for the ceremonial opening of what shapes up as a third straight legislative session dogged by issues surrounding gay marriage.

Republican leaders have been mum about whether they'll hear a civil rights bill, or what form it might take if they do. But the Indiana Chamber has thrown its weight behind such a bill, calling it a "necessary action" to counteract negative perceptions from this year's quickly amended Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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Indiana last month faced the first significant revenue shortfall this fiscal year, collecting $64 million less than expected.

A processing error shifted more than $86 million tax dollars collected in September to October’s balance sheets.  After accounting for that shift, the state fell short of its target revenue by nearly 6 percent last month. 

Through a third of the current fiscal year, that puts Indiana about $61 million below target, which is about 1.3 percent off the mark. 

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If you owe student debt, collectors are able to leave you automated messages on your cell phone – at least for now.

A federal budget law with language lifting a ban on debt collection robocalls to cell phones passed Monday. It conflicts with the Indiana do-not-call law’s ban on robocalls that aren’t for school or work purposes.

University of Hartford communication law professor Paul Siegel says ever since the technology came out, there have been reasons to ban all robocalling.

Indiana House GOP

Governor Pence plans to roll out a legislative agenda for the upcoming session sometime next month.

Pence has already announced plans to seek a billion-dollar commitment for road and bridge maintenance, and he says he'll have economic proposals beyond that.

Pence notes he’s also announced plans to ask for a safety net for teachers and schools as ISTEP transitions to new state standards.

“I’m having conversations already with members of the General Assembly about how we make sure that the new test results don’t impact teacher pay or bonuses,” Pence says.