5:25 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Frankfort Council Slows Mayor's Accelerated Push To Revamp Old Stoney

Frankfort's main civic building needs almost $5 million in renovations.
Credit Jimmy Emerson /

The Frankfort City Council has rejected an ordinance that would have paid for detailed drawings of potential renovations in Old Stoney, the city hall building.

The request for additional funding for the architectural drawings was pushed by the Frankfort Board of Works and Mayor Chris McBarnes, who says he and the board have been “aggressive” in their approach to the restoration of Old Stoney.

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1:12 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes
Credit City of Frankfort

Some questions asked of the mayor this week:

As we gear up for the next session of the General Assembly, which will be devoted to crafting a new two-year budget, what will you be doing to try and convince lawmakers to funnel more money toward infrastructure improvements?

House Republicans announced their legislative agenda this week. In a nutshell, it includes more funding for schools, while maintaining a balanced budget and a strong surplus. What are your initial reactions to the agenda?

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5:06 pm
Tue October 14, 2014

GOP Lawmakers May Look To Curtail Governor's Budget-cutting Power

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) announces his 2015 legislative priorities in the House chamber Tuesday.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

The power of the governor to cut state funding or require agencies to send money back to the general fund could be reigned in when the General Assembly meets next session.

For years state agencies have been required to revert some of their budgets to the General Fund – essentially, cut a certain percentage of what the legislature appropriates. 

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3:50 pm
Fri October 10, 2014

State Revenues Miss Projections For A Third Straight Month

The state has collected about $39 million less than experts thought it would for the first three months of the fiscal year.
Credit Jason Lumpkin /

State tax revenues came in below expectations for the third consecutive month.  That puts Indiana nearly $39 million off the mark through the first quarter of the fiscal year.

Indiana came in about $5.5 million below projected levels last month, falling short in both sales tax and individual income tax. 

Yet the state notes tax revenues are growing compared to last year - they’re more than $50 million ahead of where they were in 2013 through the first three months of the fiscal year. 

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2:47 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski

The mayor says consultants are considering ways to make the people who live in downtown Lafayette also add to its business culture.
Credit City of Lafayette /

Some questions for the mayor this week:

Lafayette and West Lafayette recently signed a proclamation decrying domestic violence. But what I want to know is what the city is actually doing – what resources are you investing to reduce the incidence of it?

What's the latest is on the talks to create the one-stop center for social services that was mentioned a few months ago. Is that any closer to fruition?

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