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General News
1:23 pm
Thu October 30, 2014

12 Percent of Indiana Teens Experience Dating Violence

Indiana parents are being encouraged to talk to their children about healthy relationships to prevent teen dating violence.
Credit Matthew Hull/morguefile

An estimated 12 percent of Indiana teens experience some form of dating abuse each year. that can result in emotional or social difficulties, physical injuries and trouble learning.

Colleen Yeakle is the coordinator of prevention initiatives for the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

She says the abuse can result in emotional or social difficulties, physical injuries and trouble learning.

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General News
12:55 pm
Thu October 30, 2014

Indiana Supreme Court Considers Oral Arguments In Case Of State vs IBM

A trial court found in IBM's favor, but the Indiana Courts of Appeals reversed that decision.
Credit Phil Jern /

At the heart of the dispute between Indiana and computer giant IBM is whether the technology firm’s failures in the contract to modernize the state’s welfare system were enough to justify Indiana terminating the whole contract…and getting damages afterward. 

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General News
12:46 pm
Wed October 29, 2014

Toll Road Operator Given More Time To Find Buyer

Indiana Toll Road near Fremont, Indiana
Credit Jimmy Emerson, DVM /

The company which operates the Indiana Toll Road has exited Chapter 11, but will continue to look for a buyer for the lease.

A Chicago bankruptcy judge gave final approval to I-T-R Concession Company‘s prepackaged bankruptcy. The reorganization gives the company 10 months to find a buyer. The Spanish-Australian consortium is eight years into a 75-year lease of the road.

The company would restructure its debt or line up new financing if it can‘t sell the lease.

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General News
6:00 am
Mon October 27, 2014

Authorities Warn Against Using Decorative Contact Lenses

Credit Michael Roach /

Federal authorities say if you‘re thinking about wearing those decorative contact lenses for Halloween, don‘t.

Federal police agencies have seized more than 20,000 pairs of the lenses on 74 different occasions this year.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Spokesperson Gail Montenegro says they‘re counterfeit lenses mostly imported from China.

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General News
10:55 am
Fri October 17, 2014

Outlook For Winter In Indiana Unclear

Credit Mira d'Oubliette /

At least one expert is predicting a milder winter for much of the United States this year, although the outlook for Indiana is unclear.

Mike Halpert is the Acting Director for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association‘s Climate Prediction Center.

He says the upcoming winter season in Indiana actually has an equal chance of being warmer than normal or colder than normal.  

But Halpert expects El Nino to bring warmer conditions to much of the U.S. this winter.

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