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Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard will be the Grand Marshal at this year’s Indianapolis Pride Parade. The Republican two-term incumbent says his jaw dropped when he was asked, but the group’s president says Ballard’s positions during the kerfuffle over the state’s religious objections law made him a natural choice.

Indy Pride President Chris Moore says he was impressed Ballard supported the LGBT community, despite his party affiliation. But Ballard says being a Republican is irrelevant to his stance on LGBT equality.

Indiana American Water

*Updated at 11:35am*

Indiana American Water has expanded a precautionary boil water advisory for a majority of its West Lafayette customers.

The order includes customers north of Stadium Avenue and lasts until 5 a.m. Saturday.

Company officials say an electrical problem caused its Davis Ferry water treatment plant and backup power generation equipment to shut down overnight, resulting in low water pressure to customers in that area.

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Most people associate gangs with big cities.

But a forum for youth services workers this week brought attention to the problem in Tippecanoe County.

Local authorities say while there are gangs in the area they’re nowhere near the level of, say, Waco, Texas where a fight between rival bikers resulted in nine deaths this week.

But some fear gang influence could rise to that level if the community doesn’t band together to limit it.

Bird Flu Detected In Indiana

May 21, 2015
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Indiana poultry farmers are extremely concerned about a lethal avian flu virus that has recently been detected in the state.

A backyard flock in Whitley County tested positive for the disease, resulting in the killing of nearly 100 birds.

Pat Wakenell is an associate professor of avian diagnostics at Purdue and one of an estimated 100 poultry veterinarians in the U.S.

She’s led avian flu testing at Purdue since the start of the outbreak.

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Hoosier teenagers who take driver’s education classes will be able to get their license a little sooner under legislation set to take effect in July.

The bill’s author hopes the change will incentivize more young people to go take driver training courses.

Under current law, teens who don’t take driver’s ed can get their license at 16 years, nine months old, while teens who do take driver’s ed can get their license three months earlier, at 16 and a half.

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A do-it-yourself stage cover designed by a Westfield High School employee may be to blame for the stage’s collapse during a musical performance last month.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office has reviewed the circumstances surrounding the incident which injured more than a dozen students – one of whom hasn’t returned to school – but found no basis to charge auditorium director Quentin James with any crime.

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A proposal that would have allowed hunters to use high-powered rifles is off the table. The state Natural Resources Commission voted against the proposal Tuesday after determining there was not enough public support for the measure.

Natural Resources Commission member Pat Early says there was no biological or environmental need, so the proposal was really just a social issue.

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It looks like Governor Mike Pence could have his first challenger on the Republican ticket when he runs for re-election in 2016.

Indiana businessman Bob Thomas who last week announced he was exploring a run for either Governor or Indiana‘s 3rd Congressional District, has decided to focus his efforts on the former.

Thomas made that statement Monday.

He says it will be difficult to beat Pence in the primary, but he plans on advertising himself as an alternative candidate who is focused of fixing what‘s wrong with Indiana.

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A new U.S. Supreme Court opinion that could have an impact on Indiana rules that Maryland is essentially double-taxing residents who earn out-of-state income.  But the impact on the Hoosier State would likely be minimal.

If Maryland residents pay income taxes to other states and counties outside of Maryland, they can take a credit against their state tax, but not their local county tax. 

Controversial Rifle Hunting Proposal Up For A Vote

May 18, 2015
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The Indiana Natural Resources Commission will meet Tuesday to discuss the use of high-powered rifles in deer hunting.

Some hunters are frustrated by the current limitations, which keep rifle bullets to the caliber of pistol rounds. That means there isn‘t as much velocity, which means the shots have a shorter range.

But some opponents worry about the safety hazards of bullets that travel longer distances.