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President Barack Obama awarded two Hoosiers the nation’s top civilian honor Tuesday night.

Lee Hamilton and William Ruckelshaus were recognized in the White House East Room Tuesday night, along with Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand and Willie Mays, to name a few others.

Hamilton served in Congress for more than three decades before becoming vice chair of the 9/11 commission.

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A prominent group of Indiana-based Christians is speaking out against Governor Pence's refusal to admit Syrian refugees to the state.

Christian Church of the Disciples of Christ spokesperson Cherilyn Willams says the church’s opposition to the Governor's move isn't based on politics or ideology.

“We’re very disappointed in the attitude of fear that seems to be prevalent,” Williams says. “Knowing that these folks have been vetted, they are our brothers and sisters as God’s children and it feels like we’re not being very welcoming.”

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The Indiana Attorney General's office is making it easier for Hoosiers to freeze their credit this holiday season.

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching--and Black Friday after it--Hoosiers will be swiping cards at stores around the state and every swipe offers a chance for identity theft.

Indiana had more than one-thousand identity theft complaints this year, along with 400 reported data breaches.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller says a credit freeze is the easiest way to protect against what he sees as the danger of using anything but a credit card.

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Youth e-cigarette use is on the rise and state cessation programs are having to adapt their outreach. But, it’s unclear if existing anti-smoking campaigns can keep up with the trend.

In Clinton County, schoolchildren assemble for Red Ribbon Week, where a woman shows them one of the newest “drugs.” The “drug” in question is about the size of a pen, and it’s found increasingly in the hands of schoolkids.

“I’ve seen it at one of my baseball games before in Fishers.”

“And at Walmart, or not Walmart, but at like CVS.”