Frank Dooley

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

The Purdue University Senate is taking additional actions to scrutinize the school’s decision to purchase online educator Kaplan University.

At the Senate’s first meeting of the academic year Monday, members announced creation of a special committee to serve as a fact-finding body about the deal and Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Frank Dooley took almost 20 minutes of questions about the agreement.

Kristin Malavenda / WBAA News

A year to the day after an engineering student was murdered on campus, the Purdue community Thursday attempted to mark the event with a campus-wide moment of silence.

There were some solemn observances – but other areas appeared not to notice the anniversary at all.

Bell Tower Designated As Meeting Place

As the Purdue bell tower announced the arrival of the noon hour, a group of students and staff stood in the cold wind, looking up at the tower’s clock.