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Applications Open For Half-Year In 10 Pre-K Expansion Counties

Sep 26, 2017

The state-funded preschool pilot program that began with five counties was expanded during the 2017 legislative session for 15 more counties. Now, parents in 10 of those counties can apply for half-year preschool.

But all low-income families applying will also have to comply with a new program requirement.

A state grant would pay for half or full day preschool for a 4-year-old child beginning next January.

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Indiana’s Medicaid will soon cover methadone treatment for people suffering from opioid addiction. That could mean more people seeking treatment, and savings for people already receiving it.

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Home health providers appear to have successfully lobbied the state not to lower their Medicaid reimbursement rates.

In May, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration announced it was planning to lower the amount of money home health care workers would get through the Medicaid program—as much as 8 percent for registered nurses and 6 percent for home health aides.

But after discussions between government officials and industry reps, the state has decided to nix its original plan and keep the 2016 rates intact.


An appeals court has ruled against the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration in a case challenging changes the agency made regarding Medicaid waivers for people with disabilities.

The waivers allow those with disabilities to receive care outside of institutions and group homes, and, the ACLU argues, “to live in their communities even though their disabling conditions would otherwise require they be placed in an institution.” The waivers cover the costs of services such as home health aides.

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Family and Social Services Administration leaders say collaboration between agencies could help Tippecanoe County become one of five pilot areas for a program designed to address early learning in Indiana.

FSSA spokeswoman Marni Lemons says her agency won’t necessarily choose which counties to award pilot program cash to based on the number of contributing partners, but on how well they work together.

Pence names ISDA and FSSA directors

Jan 17, 2013
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A Clinton County resident is the new director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. Gina Sheets takes over the position in the new Pence administration.

She has worked in the department since 2009, serving as its director of economic development and international trade. Prior to that, Sheets was the C.E.O. of the Clinton County Chamber of Commerce.

She and her husband own a farm outside of Frankfort where they raise livestock, rainbow trout, and produce.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled Governor Mitch Daniels does not need to testify in a suit between the state and IBM. Lawyers for both sides presented oral arguments Monday morning.

Indiana contracted with IBM to process welfare applications.  But Governor Mitch Daniels canceled the contract in 2009 after citing problems with the process.  IBM and the state are now suing each other, trying to reclaim costs.