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Public Health Study Committee Wraps Up Summer Work

Oct 26, 2017

A legislative study committee on public health issues voted Thursday to recommend the General Assembly take action on diabetes and the state’s nursing shortage as it wrapped up its work ahead of the next legislative session.

In recent years diabetes action plans have failed at the Statehouse. But this year’s study committee showed momentum.

Eskenazi pharmacist Jasmine Gonzolva, a non-legislative member of the committee, says much of the focus is on screening and prevention.

Wellness Program For Employees Has Lasting Impact

Mar 31, 2017
Leigh DeNoon/Indiana Public Broadcasting

Stress is an occupational hazard for healthcare workers.

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Leigh DeNoon reports on how the wellness training of an entire department in one Indianapolis hospital has had a lasting impact.

Like many Americans, Fernow McClure found himself overweight and unhappy with his life -- until he got his mind opened to mindfulness.

“That’s certainly changed my life,” he says.

Occupational stress can be a killer for hospital workers like McClure.