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Indiana physicians and public health experts say Governor Mike Pence would be irresponsible if, as he’s pledged, he opposes the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.  The proposed regulations would call for a 20-percent reduction from Indiana’s 2005 carbon emission levels by 2030.

In a letter to President Obama, Governor Mike Pence vowed not to comply what he calls the “ill-conceived and poorly constructed” Clean Power Plan unless the EPA makes significant improvements.  But IU School of Medicine professor Steve Jay says it’s the Pence administration’s position that needs improvement.

Indiana Biz Leaders Cheer SCOTUS Pollution Ruling

Jun 29, 2015
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The Supreme Court has sided with Indiana and 22 other states in throwing out a proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulation of coal-burning power plants.

Separate coalitions of states and businesses sued over a new mercury emission standard. A 5-4 Supreme Court agreed with their argument that the EPA unreasonably ignored the cost of compliance in drafting the rule.

Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar contends the regulation would impose crippling costs on utilities for very little gain in air quality. And he says other businesses would see electric bills soar.

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With the prospect of Tropical Depression Bill swinging up across Indiana this weekend, farmers and some homeowners are keeping a wary eye on the sky. Across the northern third of the state, ditches are full, some fields have standing water and a few riverside homes are being sandbagged.

Several rivers in northern Indiana are flooding or in danger of flooding – the Tippecanoe, the Iroquois, the Wabash and in Sumava Resorts in Newton County, the Kankakee, where some residents were filling sandbags Wednesday.

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Jumpstarting the lives of hundreds of endangered frogs is part of a conservation effort underway this week in Indiana. 

A team of staff at the Indianapolis Zoo is scooping up hundreds of crawfish frog tadpoles that have been growing in tanks for about six weeks and placing them in containers to be transported to their new home at a protected wildlife area in southwestern Indiana.   Letting the tadpoles mature gives them a much better chance, says Josh Dodson, interpretation manager at the Indianapolis Zoo.

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The Environmental Protection Agency is reducing the amount of biofuel required in gasoline by 1 billion gallons — that exceeds the total amount of ethanol produced in Indiana last year.

Steve Pittman, president of the Indiana Ethanol Producers Association, says in a statement that it’s a “big step backwards for energy innovation and renewable fuels” and that the EPA is giving into the demands of big oil companies.