10:02 am
Wed September 17, 2014

Higher Ed Commission Announces Plan To Encourage College Dropouts To Return

The Commission for Higher Education wants to encourage more than 700,000 students with some college credit but no degree to return to school.
Credit A&M-Commerce /

The Commission for Higher Education this week is planning a communication campaign to convince Hoosiers with some college credit but no college degree to go back to school. That description applies to more than seven hundred thousand people across the state.

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8:36 am
Tue September 16, 2014

Purdue Joins Group That'll Share Data On Bettering Low-Income Student Performance

Mitch Daniels is one of 11 college presidents hoping big data can get more first-time and low-income students to succeed.
Credit Wes Jackson /

In a few years, student bodies at some major public universities could include more low-income and first-generation collegians.

That’s the goal of the University Innovation Alliance, a group of 11 schools joining forces Tuesday. The Alliance’s goal is to help those students – whom numbers suggest don’t succeed as often as their peers from well-to-do backgrounds – graduate at a higher rate.

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4:19 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

Shelby County Teachers First To Get Lockdown Key Fobs

Teachers will be given key fobs that can alert law enforcement of emergencies and lock down their classrooms.
Credit Matt Jones /

In the first of what the Indiana Sheriff’s Association hopes will be 11 pilot schools, a high school in downstate Shelby County is getting a new school security system aimed at responding more effectively to school violence.

Sheriff’s Association spokesman Stephen Luce says teachers at Southwestern High School in Hanover will be given key fobs and access to a room-by-room notification system.

If a teacher presses the button around their neck, their classroom will lock and they’ll be able to tell Shelby County authorities which rooms are safe and which require assistance.

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6:00 am
Mon September 8, 2014

Schools Look To Shifting Start Times To Better Student Performance

Doctors say students would do better in school if only they could sleep in a little.
Credit Stephen Downes /

Take a minute - think about your typical morning routine.

Now, imagine your boss asks you to come in an hour earlier. You’d have to shift that routine, maybe eliminate it altogether, or else sacrifice sleep.

This is something teenagers across the country are experiencing as they’re being asked to get to school earlier than they’re used to. And it’s throwing off not only their morning routine, but their sleep schedule as well.

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11:56 am
Tue September 2, 2014

Shortened Summers Help Students But Hurt Seasonal Businesses

School corporations around the state are going back to school earlier, which hurts seasonal businesses like Holiday World Theme Park.
Credit Bill Shaw / WTIU News

Increasingly around the state and country, the first day of school is getting earlier with some districts starting the first week of August. Research supports earlier start dates, saying it increases student retention by giving them less time over the summer to forget important information. Outside of the education community though, seasonal businesses feel the effects of the absence of free time for students during traditional summer months.

It’s not year-round school, it’s a balanced calendar

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