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Haunted house operators say their economic concerns have become greater in recent years, especially as customers demand much more than a guy in a mask who jumps out and says “boo!”

Amusement Consultant and "haunterpreneur" Leonard Pickel has been working in the haunted house industry for decades. He’s seen haunted carwashes and even a haunted chicken ranch. He says the industry cycles between favoring blood-and-gore-based establishments and more cerebral, cinematic experiences, which is the current trend.

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The chairman of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission says the agency's next director should bring greater emphasis to the business and marketing of horse breeding.

Last week, the Commission unanimously fired Joe Gorajec, the agency's executive director since its inception 25 years ago. Chairman Tom Weatherwax says the Commission has begun a national search for a replacement who will focus more on the business side of racing.

Weatherwax says communication between commissioners and breeders has waned and he charges the state needs to make better use of its resources.

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A Greencastle brewer is benefiting from a piece of  10-year-old economic development legislation that makes him eligible for a liquor license, even though the county has reached its limit. 

Former teacher and home brewer Chris Weeks can’t wait to be serving up locally brewed beer and burgers in the former downtown Greencastle NAPA building.

“I was actually given a Mr. Beer kit over five years ago for Christmas, and I quickly realized that I loved brewing," he says.

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Indiana manufacturers are increasingly concerned about the state of the economy.

The 2015 Indiana Manufacturing Survey finds many Indiana manufacturers believe the post-recession recovery is over.

Almost two-thirds also say the U.S. isn't likely to ever lead the world on the manufacturing front ever again.

Almost nine-in-ten feel the federal government isn't doing enough to support the manufacturing sector and one in four think neither the federal or state government are helping.

Rolls-Royce To Spend $600M Updating Indy Plant

Oct 5, 2015
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Rolls-Royce North America has announced a new $600 million investment project in Indiana.

President and CEO Marion Blakey says the aerospace industry leader will spend years modernizing its manufacturing operations on Indianapolis’ southwest side.

“I think it’s going to be over the next four or five years to get it done,” Blakey says. “It takes a while to rebuild, especially because you’ve got to keep the production lines going and continue to make engines all while this is going on.”