1:56 pm
Fri March 27, 2015

Indiana Employment Rate Better In February, Still Trails National Average

Indiana's rate is 5.9-percent, the national average is 5.5-percent.
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After four months without a decrease in unemployment, Indiana’s rate fell below 6-percent in February. 

Indiana’s unemployment rate rose to 6-percent in January, the first time it hit that mark in nearly a year. 

But it only lasted a month, falling back to 5.9-percent in February.  The state’s private sector also created 1,700 jobs last month. 

The slight dip in the unemployment rate is due in part to Hoosiers leaving the labor force in February, meaning fewer people looking for work. 

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2:36 pm
Thu March 26, 2015

Pence Inks RFRA As Businesses Begin Shrinking Investment In Indiana

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As Governor Mike Pence signed the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law Thursday, he blamed the media for what he calls a misunderstanding of the law. 

RFRA establishes a judicial test that courts will use to decide when the government can infringe on a person’s religious beliefs and practices.  Many groups say they’re concerned it will be used to sanction discrimination, particularly against LGBT Hoosiers.  But Pence says if he thought the law, which exists at the federal level and in 30 other states, was discriminatory, he would have vetoed it.

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5:04 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Employment Lawyer: RFRA Is No Defense Against Insubordination

Opponents say the bill is a way for florists and caterers not to serve gay weddings. Employment lawyers say if the shop doesn't feel that way but an employee does, the worker could still lose their job.
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Even if Governor Pence signs the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, an Indianapolis employment lawyer says that doesn’t preclude employers in the state from taking action against employees who might try to invoke the new law.

John Haskin runs his own employment law practice and says even though the “at will” provision of state law says non-contract employees can be fired for any reason, using RFRA as a reason not to provide a service would give an employer plenty of cause to terminate a worker.

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6:00 am
Wed March 25, 2015

Suit Alleges Companies Pay For Better Angie's List Reviews

Credit Gretchen Frazee / WFIU

Financially-embattled Angie‘s List is remaining tight-lipped about another federal class action lawsuit.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia alleges the firm gives better ratings, reviews and exposure to clients that pay more and downplays the negative reviews they may receive.  The Angie‘s List business model is built in part on the integrity and reliability of its business reviews and ratings.

Angie‘s List Spokeswoman Debra DeCourcy says it‘s company policy not to address pending litigation.

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5:00 am
Wed March 18, 2015

Senate, House Sparring Over 'Double Direct' Tax

Simplying all the tax codes would have cost the state $250 million per year.
Credit Dave Dugdale /

Legislators are taking another stab at streamlining the so-called "double direct" tax exemption for business.

Farms and manufacturers don‘t owe sales tax on equipment if it‘s directly used in production. The difficulty in interpreting that test prompted Governor Pence to make it a key element of his tax simplification bill.

But the House deleted the simplifications after analysts reported they would cost the state a quarter-billion dollars a year.

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