American Heart Association

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According the Centers for Disease Control, about 720,000 Americans suffer a heart attack each year.

A new effort by the American Heart Association encourages people to seek medical attention at the first sign of a heart attack.

The non-profit says quick medical intervention after a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death.   

New Law Requires High School Students To Learn CPR

Aug 27, 2014

Freshmen and sophomores in Indiana high schools will now be required to learn CPR.

A new state law requires CPR training as part of required health classes. Danielle Patterson with the American Heart Association says 300-thousand high school students a year will be trained.

She says not having to wait for paramedics to arrive can be the difference between life and death.

SIA wins healthy workforce award

Mar 30, 2012

A national organization is giving a Lafayette company its highest mark for employee fitness.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive earned platinum status from the American Heart Association for promoting physical activity in the workplace.

SIA Wellness Benefits Coordinator Megan Andresen says the company’s commitment to health starts with its facilities.

"We have an on-site recreational center where associates, their spouses, and dependents can go. It's free for them to use, free personal training, brand new equipment, they have group classes."